Cheap Thrills in Spain: The Cheapest Cities for Digital Nomads on a Budget

Good news: Spain is now offering a digital nomad visa. Remote workers can stay in Spain for up to one year (initially) and benefit from its culturally rich metropolitan cities, stunning beaches, and idyllic countryside.

But for a nomad, the cost of living makes a significant difference. No one enjoys living paycheck to paycheck while traveling and working.

We have the results from research that highlights the top ten cheapest Spanish cities for digital nomads to move to. It’ll make picking a place to call home easier.

Factors Used for Calculation

The cities listed below were ranked based on the average cost of the following factors:

  • Rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in the city center
  • Utilities
  • Grocery
  • Transportation

The cost of each factor for every city was added to reach the final results.

Top 10 Cheapest Spanish Cities for Digital Nomads


Taking the first spot on the list is Ávila. It is a charming and historic city in the heart of Castile and León, Spain. Besides its stunning architecture, Ávila is exceptionally affordable, with the total cost of living totaling $469.52. The rent is pretty reasonable, too, at $310.15 per month. In addition, you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket dining out. A meal in an inexpensive restaurant is about $12.41 max.


Next, we have Ferrol, located in Galicia, north-western Spain. It is a small city with good seafood, dense forests, and a vast historical background. The total cost of living in this city of natural beauty is $579.60. The highlight is the affordable food choices. An average restaurant meal costs only $11.17 – the lowest in all Spanish cities. You can also get a cappuccino for $1.86.


Securing the third spot is Huesca. This city is culturally rich, with striking streets that narrate various eras. Since the city isn’t much populated, the natural beauty remains unspoiled. Hiking is an everyday activity.

The cost of living here is an affordable $589.22 per month. Unlike most Spanish cities, the cost of utilities in Huesca is considerably low, too – $98.93 a month. 


With a total cost of $657.09, Ourense is number 4 on the list. It is another city in north-western Spain with good food. Eels, bonito, and octopus are some of the local delicacies that you can savor. Your meal can cost around $11.17. Add another $1.98 to the bill if you want to finish it with beer. Besides, rent and utilities are relatively inexpensive in this city – $304.37 and $99.25, respectively.


Cobbled streets, grand architecture, and traditional markets – Cáceres is one of Spain’s most historically rich cities. Compared to other cities, the cost of living is slightly higher at $670.49. So change your monotonous routine and step out for a break. You can enjoy coffee for $1.58 and a one-way local transport ticket for $1.49. Although at number 5, Cáceres’s one-bedroom apartment rent is $103.38 lower than Ourense’s.

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago’s total cost sums up to $677.82. The utilities and rent eat the most of your dollars, with an average monthly cost of $117.97 and $536.57, respectively. So, if you’re looking for adventure, step out fearlessly. Getting around this city is cheap. A one-way local transport ticket costs only $1.24.

Parque de la Alameda, a beautiful park on the outskirts of Santiago, is worth exploring.


This is one of the most expensive cities for nomads regarding utilities – the average cost is $136.47. The rent is also on the higher side, sitting at $527.26.

But the food makes up for lost dollars. The traditional Spanish and Mediterranean dishes are absolutely delicious. Best of all, a meal costs an average of $11.79 only. Don’t miss the trout.


The seaside city of Costa Blanca, Torrevieja, has a cost amounting to $709.66. Most of this is due to high rent and utilities expenses. But in terms of attractions and activities, Torrevieja is an excellent place to be. You can enjoy a drink for $2.79 – no pinching at all.


Jerez is a small, old town with various tapas, bars, eateries, and massive plazas. The cost of living here is $714.22 per month. You can blame the rent and utilities for the high cost. But your daily cup of Joe will keep you sane. Plus, you can grab one for $1.65.


The most expensive on this list is Gandia. The total cost can go up to $725.60. Gandia is a city in eastern Spain with plenty of beaches. We are hoping the sunshine and salty air will keep you going. And since the average one-way transport ticket costs a mere $1.24, you can enjoy a few days off in the sun without adding much to your budget.


Well, digital nomads, you have some fantastic options in Spain to satisfy your wanderlust and your wallet! From the historic charm of Ávila to Ferrol’s seafood delights and Huesca’s cultural richness, there’s something for every adventurous soul out there. So grab your laptop, pack your bags, and get ready for an incredible adventure in Spain. 

Source: Why This Place

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