She Achieved Financial Stability at a Young Age, But Her Sister’s Resentment Revealed a Deeper Family Secret.

In the midst of adult transitions, the Original Poster (OP) proudly amasses savings with an eye on future independence. Yet, as her financial cushion grows, so does her sister’s envy, culminating in a contentious plea to their mother over college funds. Torn between family bonds and perceived injustices, the sisters face a chasm threatening their once-close relationship.

A New Beginning

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OP, an 18-year-old, graduates from high school in January. She landed her first adult job and completed her first semester at a tech school. Despite these achievements, she remains at her mom’s house, unable to drive.

The Successful Sister

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OP’s sister, four years her senior, celebrates her own achievement: completing grad school. With some help from their mother, she becomes a homeowner. Her transportation history is also notable: she was gifted a car and “bought” a second one, never repaying their mother.

Ambitions on Wheels

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Despite her stationary life, OP dreams of mobility. She begins to save diligently, aspiring to purchase her own car upon getting a license. She never got one as a 16-year-old due to a slightly traumatic car accident she was involved in.

Ability to Save

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With minimal expenses due to family support, OP’s savings flourish. She doesn’t pay for room and board and eats most of her meals at home. She buys clothes second-hand and only indulges in free activities and hobbies.

Pride in Savings

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OP shares how much money she has saved with her sister, hoping her older sister will commend her efforts. She doesn’t realize what a hot-button issue this will be or how it will affect their relationship.

Envy Enters the Scene

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To OP’s surprise, her growing savings account draws her sister’s ire whenever she brings it up at dinner. What began as offhand remarks evolved into frequent criticisms and jealous remarks. Accusations of money hoarding baffle OP.

Confessions to Mother

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OP discovers, through their mother, that her sister’s frustrations aren’t limited to casual taunts. In private conversations with their mother, the older sibling vents about OP’s financial situation, questioning why OP should accumulate such wealth.

An Attempt at Explanation

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Seeking to dispel the tension, OP shares her aspiration to buy a quality used car with cash, believing this would justify her savings. Yet, the sister remains dismissive, holding onto her passive-aggressive stance.

A College Fund Controversy

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The sister’s envy extends beyond just savings. She appeals to their mother for a chunk of OP’s college fund, arguing that since OP’s tech school fees are comparatively lesser, she shouldn’t merit the full amount.

A Mother’s Stand

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Their mother, confronted with this unusual request, stands firm. She denies the older daughter’s petition for a share of OP’s college funds. This decision only deepens the jealous rift between the sisters.

Growing Hostility

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Every financial decision OP makes further estranges her from her sister. Whether saving or merely being frugal, the older sibling’s hostility grows. Their once-close bond begins to unravel, and communication between the sisters fades away.

Searching for Answers

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OP, disoriented by the sudden coldness, seeks clarity. She wonders if her behavior is truly at fault and if she is the antagonist in this drama. Memories of shared secrets, laughter, and companionship stand in stark contrast to their current relationship.

Roles Reversed

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Throughout their lives, the elder sister had often been the more accomplished one. With OP’s recent successes and growing savings, the dynamics have shifted. Perhaps this change is harder for the sister to accept.

A Plea for Understanding

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Yearning to restore their bond, OP reaches out. She wants to understand her sister’s perspective and find a middle ground. Yet, the wounds seem too fresh for reconciliation. As days turn into weeks, the tension remains, with no resolution in sight.

Was The Sister’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP shares her story online for feedback and advice from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “Stop talking with your sister about money at all. Also, remind your mom that your college fund is your college fund. You’re only 18. Your future is not decided.

Another Commenter Thinks 

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Another responder wrote, “She is jealous, and it seems even your mother is aware of how ridiculous her behavior is. I would just go low or no contact, and when she behaves like an adult, she can resume being in your life.

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “Your sister sounds very manipulative and jealous. Sounds like she’s trying to turn your mom against you. She’s greedy and, from your description, sounds extremely entitled.

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “Do whatever you can to protect yourself from theft. Your sibling is jealous. On a separate note, stop divulging personal financial information to anybody; it’s none of their business, and people fixate on it.

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