He Gifted Condos and Trust Funds to His Kids, But When His Son Asked For Early Access to the Money, a Controversial Stipulation Emerged.

The Original Poster (OP) prides himself on providing for his children, yet faces a dilemma when his eldest son, John, requests an early release from his trust fund for wedding expenses. While OP’s past generosity included granting his daughter access to her trust fund for business investments, the prospect of funding John’s wedding comes with a stipulation: a prenuptial agreement. This condition ignites family tensions, challenging the strength of their bond.

A Family History

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OP has four children. John, his eldest son with his first wife, tragically lost his mother at age 5. OP later remarried and welcomed two stepdaughters, Lisa and Ann, and eventually had another son, Mike.

Providing Comfort

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Despite their blended beginnings, OP and his wife ensured all their children enjoyed comfortable lives. Their dedication to their children’s futures manifested through generous gifts and financial provisions. Ann and Mike are set to receive condos in time.

John’s Achievements

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John, now 27, had always been an achiever. Graduating from a top university, he secured a high-paying engineering job and a condo. Driven by ambition and hard work, John found success early in life.

Lisa’s Path to Independence

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Lisa, following in her stepbrother’s footsteps, also graduated from a prestigious university. Pursuing further education, she attained a master’s degree in business while working in marketing. 

Lisa’s Plan

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Lisa also received her very own two-bedroom condo. Ultimately, her aspirations led her to establish a prestigious marketing consulting firm and co-own a salon and day spa with her best friend.

Love Enters John’s Life

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Recently, John introduced the family to a significant update in his personal life. He was engaged, set to marry his girlfriend of two years. The announcement excited the family, with OP noting the fiancée’s pleasant demeanor.

A Financial Disparity

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However, it was apparent there existed a disparity in their financial statuses. John, with his prosperous career, often lavished his fiancée with expensive gifts and grand dates. And while it was his money, the financial dynamics of their relationship raised subtle concerns for OP.

Sharing John’s Home

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The condo, a graduation gift from OP, became John and his fiancée’s shared residence. While living together signified commitment, OP observed she didn’t contribute to utilities or association fees. 

The Trust Fund Request

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As wedding preparations began, John approached OP with a request. He sought an early release of a portion of his trust fund to support the wedding, given his fiancée’s financial constraints. The proposal made OP uneasy.

The Prenup Proposal

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OP, in response to John’s ask, set a condition. He’d agree to release the funds if John considered drafting a prenuptial agreement with his fiancée. It was an attempt to ensure John’s financial security and future.

Recollections of Lisa’s Trust

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Defending his stance, OP drew a distinction between investing in a business and a wedding. He articulated that while both were significant, a business was a worthwhile investment with tangible returns. OP was concerned over the fiancée’s financial contributions.

Allegations and Accusations

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John’s frustrations grew deeper. He felt OP’s proposal hinted at his fiancée being labeled a ‘gold-digger.’ The prenup, in his view, was an insult and a testament to OP’s lack of faith in his chosen partner.

A Family on the Fence

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As tensions flared between father and son, the rest of the family watched cautiously. Choosing neutrality over taking sides, they distanced themselves from the unfolding drama. The family dynamic was undoubtedly strained.

Silent Support

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OP’s wife, despite her close relationship with John, refrained from taking a definitive stance. Her silence spoke volumes, highlighting the complexities of the situation. The issue was more than just a financial dispute.

Was The Father’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts his story online for feedback and perspective from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “He has a high-paying job, no house payment, but little savings. And he admits that she doesn’t pay anything or help clean and cooks ‘sometimes.’ Now, she is pushing for an expensive fancy wedding they can’t afford. She is 99% probably a gold digger. All take but no give?

Another Commenter Thinks 

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Another responder wrote, “I get why you would want the money put to use investing for your son’s future, but he might not understand the likely value of saving/investing the money. Maybe make talking with a financial planner a condition of releasing the funds. It’s a good idea going into a marriage anyway.

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “Your son has had three more years of earning money and five fewer years of paying loans and rent. If he can’t afford a nice wedding after all that, he may need to wait two more years until his trust fund matures.

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “If you keep up this micromanaging and hostility towards his wife, who has the nerve not to meet your financial standards, expect to see a lot less, like nothing, of John and his wife in the future.

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