Sip, Savor, and Celebrate at These Festival-Crazy States

Gather ’round as we unveil the exciting results of a new study that’s got everyone buzzing. Wisconsin has officially claimed the title of the most festival-obsessed state in the United States. When it comes to soaking up the festival vibes, the Badger State left its competitors in the dust.

With live music making a grand comeback and fans eagerly anticipating the return of their favorite artists, festival fever is spreading across America. Although not all states share the same level of zeal for festivals. Let’s see where your state ranks.


Festival obsessed states WIPin
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Wisconsin holds the title of the most festival-obsessed state in the US, surpassing the national average by 40%. From the iconic Summerfest to the Cheese Curd Festival, the state knows how to celebrate with flavor and fun. The state’s residents even display a keen interest in festivals, as evidenced by their high search levels for terms like ‘festival’ and ‘festival near me.’ Moreover, Wisconsin ranks eighth in searches for ‘summer festival,’ solidifying its reputation as a hub for vibrant summer celebrations.


Festival obsessed states OHPin
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Ohio, known as the Buckeye State, ranks second among the most festival-obsessed states in the US. Ohio embraces festivals with enthusiasm. The state showcases its love for festivities, from the renowned Ohio State Fair to Oktoberfest celebrations. Ohio residents demonstrate a profound interest in festivals, with a high percentage actively searching for festival-related terms. Ohio’s festival-centric culture is further highlighted by its fifth-place ranking in searches for the keyword ‘festival.’


Festival obsessed states LAPin
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Louisiana’s love of festivals is infectious. From Mardi Gras to Jazz Fest, the state knows how to celebrate with flair and passion. Of course, it is no surprise that Louisiana ranks third as the most festival-obsessed state. Their top search rankings were ‘festivals 2023’ and the word ‘festivals’ itself. Louisiana also showcases fashion-conscious festival-goers, ranking second in searches for ‘festival outfits.’


Festival obsessed states ILPin
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Illinois thrives on festivals, with events like Lollapalooza and the Chicago Jazz Festival drawing crowds to celebrate music and culture. Ranking fourth overall, Illinois surpasses the national average by a staggering 28%. Search terms, such as ‘music festivals’ and ‘festivals near me,’ claim the seventh spot. While statewide, Illinois secures third and fifth positions for searches related to ‘festivals’ and ‘summer festival,’ respectively.


Festival obsessed states INPin
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Indiana loves its festivals, and is evident as it hosts numerous events, including the Indy 500 Festival and the Indiana State Fair, drawing crowds with excitement. Indiana’s love for fall festivals is undeniable, as evidenced by its numero uno ranking for the search term ‘fall festival.’ With passionate enthusiasm, Hoosiers actively seek out and celebrate various festivals yearly.


Festival obsessed states KYPin
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With the second-highest proportion of residents searching for ‘music festivals’ and ranking eighth in ‘festival outfits’ searches, you can tell how much Kentucky loves its music. Kentucky’s deep love for festivals is evident in its rich tradition, including iconic events like the Kentucky Derby Festival and Bourbon & Beyond.


Festival obsessed states PAPin
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Ranking sixth as one of the most festival-obsessed states, surpassing the national average by 26%, Pennsylvania’s residents actively seek out ‘festivals near me,’ making it the most popular search. Moreover, Pennsylvania secures impressive fifth and seventh positions in national searches for ‘fall festival’ and ‘festival,’ respectively. Pennsylvania’s love for festivals shines through with events like the Philadelphia Folk Festival and Pittsburgh Three Rivers Arts Festival.


Festival obsessed states MDPin
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Maryland loves festivals and enthusiastically embraces diverse events like the Maryland Renaissance Festival and Artscape. The state exhibits high search levels for ‘festival near me’ (third), ‘festival’ (fourth), and ‘summer festival’ (seventh). Moreover, Marylanders showcase their fashion sense with ‘festival outfit’ searches ranking eighth nationwide.


Festival obsessed states VTPin
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As the eighth most festival-obsessed state, Vermont leads the nation in searches for ‘music festivals’ and ‘summer festivals.’ The state also ranks fifth in searches for ‘festivals 2023’ and ninth for ‘fall festival.’ Interestingly, Vermont is the only state in the top ten without interest in ‘festival outfits.’ Vermont’s enchanting love for festivals shines through with events like the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival and the Vermont Maple Festival.


Festival obsessed states MIPin
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Ranking ninth among festival-obsessed states, Michigan’s residents eagerly search for ‘summer festivals’ (fourth), ‘festivals’ (eighth), ‘music festivals’ (ninth), and ‘festivals near me’ (tenth). Michigan’s love for festivals electrifies the state, from the dazzling Detroit Jazz Festival to the vibrant Tulip Time Festival.


Festival obsessed states COPin
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Colorado’s love for festivals is captivating, with the iconic Telluride Bluegrass Festival and Colorado Renaissance Festival showcasing the state’s vibrant celebration spirit. Colorado’s passion for festivals is evident, ranked tenth and surpassing the national average by 23%. With the third-highest proportion of residents searching for ‘festival,’ the state also excels in ‘festivals 2023’ and ‘festival outfits’ searches, ranking fourth. Additionally, ‘music festival’ and ‘summer festival’ searches claim impressive sixth and ninth positions nationwide, reflecting Colorado’s festival-loving culture.


Festival obsessed states VAPin
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With top searches for ‘Festivals 2023’ and ‘Festivals near me,’ the state’s passion for celebrations remains unwavering, despite ranking 30th in ‘summer festival’ searches. Virginia’s enchanting love for festivals is evident through vibrant events like the Richmond Folk Festival and the Virginia Wine Festival.

West Virginia

Festival obsessed states WVPin
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West Virginia’s love for festivals is evident through renowned events like the West Virginia Strawberry Festival and Ronceverte River Festival. Additionally, West Virginians’ passion for celebrating close to home is apparent as they rank second in searches for ‘Festivals near me’ and third for ‘Festivals 2023’.


Festival obsessed states GAPin
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Georgia’s exuberant passion for festivals shines through with the captivating Atlanta Jazz Festival and lively Georgia Renaissance Festival. The Peach State ranks fifth for ‘festivals’ and fourth for ‘festivals near me’ in search popularity. Georgia’s festival enthusiasm is evident. However, searches for ‘summer festival’ and ‘festival outfits’ rank lower, surprising given the encouragement for dressing up at the Georgia Renaissance Festival.


Festival obsessed states DEPin
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Delaware’s cherished love for festivals is evident through the festive Delaware State Fair and vibrant Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival. Ranking 7th for the search term ‘festival,’ ‘music festivals,’ and ‘Festival near me’ tie as Delaware’s second most popular festival-related searches. Surprisingly, ‘summer festival’ ranks the lowest among the top festival keyword searches in Delaware, despite the popularity of the Delaware State Fair as a summer event.

North Carolina

Festival obsessed states NCPin
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North Carolina, a state renowned for its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes, is no stranger to the festival scene. Ranking well for the terms ‘summer festival’ and ‘festivals near me,’ the Tar Heel State rounds out the top locations to hit a festival.

That’s A Wrap

That’s a wrap on our list of the most festival-obsessed states in the US. Whether you’re looking for live music, food, art, or culture, you’re sure to find a festival to your liking in one of these states. It’s not too late. Start planning your next festival getaway today.

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