How to Listen to Music While Paddle Boarding 

Paddle boarding is a great way to be active and spend time outdoors. But what if you want to listen to music while you paddle? How can you listen to your favorite tunes without damaging your expensive electronics?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to listen to music while paddle boarding, so you can jam while you paddle. And while some folks love to blast their music so everyone can hear it, others prefer to be more discrete.

This blog post will discuss different ways to listen to music while paddle boarding.

Best Ways to Listen to Music While Paddle Boarding 

Waterproof speakers, earbuds, or simply using your phone are great ways to listen to music while paddle boarding. Each portable device serves a purpose, and it comes down to personal preference as to which option is best for you. Although some people prefer the solitude of paddling in the quiet, others enjoy cranking some tunes.

Waterproof Speaker

In the past decade, Bluetooth waterproof speakers have become very popular among outdoor enthusiasts, particularly stand-up paddle boarders (SUPers). It’s easy to understand the allure, the technology is impressive, and some of these devices sound amazing and can really boom!

Waterproof speakers are great if you paddle with other people. It’s like a party boat. As long as everyone has similar tastes in music, that is. Waterproof speakers are annoying when you have an outlier blasting horrible music so that anyone within a ten-mile radius can hear. Yes… people will judge you if you listen to lousy music, LOL.

Paddleboard yoga has exploded in popularity in recent years. Waterproof speakers can add a lovely ambiance to your session for those who prefer meditative music. If you are practicing in a group, a speaker is an excellent way for everyone to enjoy. Namaste.

Waterproof Earbuds

Waterproof earbuds are the perfect match for those who prefer to keep their choice of music to themselves. Set your playlist, pop in your earbuds, and paddle on dudes! Earbuds are also great if you paddle amongst crowds of SUPers and want to drown out the horrible music others are playing.

Many people use earbuds as a way to paddle to a rhythm. Earbuds can provide the perfect backdrop and help keep you on pace. Suppose you paddle competitively or want to get a great workout. Music can help keep you focused and increase your paddling intensity.

Use Your Phone

Another way to listen to music while paddle boarding is to use your phone. We use our phones for so many things these days, including photos and listening to music. And most people always have their phones with them.

The great thing about using your phone is that you don’t need to spend money on accessories or take extra gear with you. Phones don’t have the best and loudest sound.

You can get a lot more bass out of a portable speaker, but if you like to blast some tunes while paddle boarding, it’s an easy and inexpensive way to do it. Most phones these days have some waterproof or water-resistant rating.

Watch the Waterproof Rating

There are a couple of things to keep in mind with waterproof speakers, including the waterproof rating, which indicates just how waterproof the speaker is. This article isn’t intended to be a lesson in waterproof ratings. You can read more about that here. The gist is that some devices can handle more water than others. For example, some speakers can handle splashing, while others can fully submerge. It’s good to know how much water your speakers can handle before it’s too late.

Create the Perfect Paddle Boarding Playlist

Music is a personal thing for most people. Everyone has different tastes in music, and that’s a good thing. Fortunately, you can create whatever playlist you want for your day on the water. Some people prefer to listen to podcasts, while others want to paddle to high-energy music.

The important thing is to create a playlist that will keep you entertained, help your mood, or motivate you to push a little harder. Making your own custom playlist is fun to mix things up and surprise yourself with something new.

Also, consider playing songs about the ocean, nature, or coastal vibes. The right music playlist can help you stay motivated and excited about being on the water.

How To Protect Your Gear

Protecting your electronics is critical when you are on open water. Even though an excellent waterproof speaker most likely floats, you need to tether it to your SUP. If you are paddling on a river and your speaker ends up overboard, you might have difficulty finding it.

The same is true if you use your phone for music. Some speakers come with a carabiner or a travel strap for an attachment point to your paddle board. Also, most paddle boards have at least some bungees to strap gear down. If your board doesn’t have bungees, it might have D-rings as an attachment point.

You can use a waterproof phone case to protect your phone; some cases float. Paddlers can still hear music with a case on. Another option to keep your gear secure is a dry bag or waterproof backpack. If you don’t want to keep a speaker inside a backpack because the sound isn’t as good, you can hook the speaker to the pack and have the pack strapped to your SUP.

The Benefits of Listening to Music While Paddle Boarding

Listening to music while paddle boarding can be a great way to relax; for some people, it can help them concentrate on their paddling technique. Music can also help create an upbeat atmosphere and provide motivation when the paddling gets tough. It’s also great to enjoy the scenery and get lost in your own world.

Wrapping Up

There are many ways to listen to music when paddle boarding. You have options depending on how much money you want to spend, the environment, and whether you paddle in a group or paddle solo.

Some people prefer the convenience of a waterproof speaker, strap it to the SUP and start paddling. Other folks like popping in some headphones to block out the surrounding noise. No matter what works for you, there are options to listen to music when you go paddle boarding.

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