Is Virginia Beach Better Than The Outer Banks?

You have a lot of options if you’re looking for a beach vacation.

Virginia Beach and North Carolina’s Outer Banks are popular choices, but which is the best?

Is Virginia Beach better than the Outer Banks? 

This blog post will compare both vacation spots help you decide which one is right for you.

Both Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks have a lot to offer visitors.

They both have beautiful beaches, plenty of activities, and great places to stay.

However, key differences between the two may help you decide which one is right for your vacation.

Is Virginia Beach Better Than The Outer Banks?

If you want to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends, the Outer Banks is hard to beat. The Outer Banks provides a perfect setting to unwind with mild temperatures and quiet atmosphere, and there are plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. Virginia Beach is a better option if you want a little more hustle in your vacation. Virginia Beach is perfect for those who want to stay busy on vacation with plenty of bars and other entertainment.

Things To Do In The Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is a string of barrier islands about 200 miles long off the coast of North Carolina. The islands are a popular vacation destination, with so many fun things to do.

Try soaking up the sun on Corolla Beach or getting active with kayaking or paddle boarding in Currituck Sound.

For those feeling extra adventurous, hang gliding off Jockey’s Ridge is a must-do.

No matter your interests, there is plenty to keep you busy during your stay in this beautiful corner of North Carolina.

Things To Do In Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a beautiful, historic city with a lot to offer.

The beach is the main attraction, but several museums, parks, and other points of interest are also worth exploring.

For history buffs, the Military Aviation Museum and the Virginia Beach History Museums are definitely worth a visit.

Nature lovers will enjoy strolling nearby Norfolk Botanical Gardens or hiking through First Landing State Park.

For folks who want to experience a little bit of everything, the Virginia Beach Boardwalk is the perfect place to start.

Virginia Beach literally has something for everyone.

Places To Stay In The Outer Banks

A few specific places stand out for an Outer Banks vacation.

The first is the upscale Sanderling Resort in Duck, which offers direct access to the beach and various amenities such as an on-site spa and restaurants.

The Hilton Garden Inn in Kitty Hawk is a great option for those who want to be close to the action, and it’s just minutes from popular attractions such as the Wright Brothers National Memorial.

Finally, if you’re looking for a more intimate setting, the Village of Nags Head is home to several bed and breakfast inns that offer a unique experience.

You will have a memorable vacation in the Outer Banks, whichever location you choose.

Places To Stay In Virginia Beach

With so many choices for lodging in Virginia Beach, it can be hard to decide where to stay. Here are three specific places to consider when planning your trip to Virginia Beach.

The first option is the Boardwalk Resort and Villas, which offers direct access to the beach and an indoor pool and fitness center.

The second option is the Oceanfront Inn, which is located right on the boardwalk and features an indoor pool and private balconies.

The Oceanfront Inn has large, spacious rooms and is a great choice for couples or families who want to be close to all the action.

Lastly, if you want a more laid-back experience, consider staying at one of the many bed & breakfasts in Virginia Beach. These options offer a more intimate setting and usually include breakfast.

Virginia Beach has lodging options to fit any budget or preference.

Virginia Beach’s Boardwalk

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk stretches for three miles along the coastline of Virginia Beach. The Boardwalk is a must-see for any visitor to the city.

It’s a great spot to take a walk, enjoy the fresh ocean air, and watch the waves crash against the shore.

The Boardwalk is also a hot spot for locals and tourists, with plenty of shops, restaurants, and cafes.

If you’re looking for a souvenir or a bite to eat, you’ll find what you’re looking for on the iconic boardwalk.

The Boardwalk comes alive with lights and music when the sun goes down, making it the perfect place to enjoy an evening out.

If you’re visiting Virginia Beach for the first time or are a longtime resident, check out the Boardwalk. You won’t be disappointed.

Verdict: Virginia Beach vs. Outer Banks

Virginia Beach is the better choice if you’re looking for a beach vacation closer to the big city.

It’s easy to get to, with direct flights from many major US cities, and once you’re there, you’ll find plenty to do.

The large metro area means you won’t have any trouble finding restaurants, shopping, and nightlife, and the beaches are some of the best in the country.

However, the Outer Banks may be better if you want a more remote and rustic experience.

Both locations offer watersports like kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skis, etc.

Whichever spot you choose comes down to the experience you are looking for. Virginia Beach is the better choice if you want a more active vacation in terms of shopping, dining, and people-watching.

If you want to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet, the Outer Banks may be a better option.

No matter what you look for in a beach vacation, you’ll find it on Virginia Beach or the Outer Banks.

So pack your bags and head to the coast for some sun and fun.

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