Is Virginia Beach Or Myrtle Beach Cheaper For Vacation?

Whether planning your next solo, couple, or family getaway to either Virginia Beach or Myrtle Beach, these two East Coast towns offer you many options. Virginia Beach might be the perfect destination if you want a relaxed atmosphere, outstanding resorts, and fine restaurants and pubs.

If you are looking for a place with more hustle and bustle, including shopping malls and amusement parks, head to Myrtle Beach. If you are working on a vacation budget (most people do!), you might want to pause and consider the cost of each trip before hopping on that plane.

Which Beach Is Cheaper – Virginia Beach Or Myrtle Beach? 

The average daily cost for one person on vacation in Virginia Beach is $104, making it a less expensive destination than Myrtle Beach, where a traveler will spend about $139 per day. These estimated costs are specific to holidaymakers and based on mid-range accommodation, roughly three meals a day, basic transportation, and 1-2 activities per day for entertainment. 

The Cost Of Accommodations in Virginia Beach And Myrtle Beach

The accommodation cost will depend on the type of venue (e.g., budget, mid-range, or luxury) you prefer. Typically, holiday accommodation is cheaper in Virginia Beach than in Myrtle Beach.

The average mid-range accommodation in Virginia Beach is $60 per night and about $70 in Myrtle Beach. If you are traveling with someone, a standard double-occupancy room can cost you $120 per night in Virginia Beach and $140 per night in Myrtle Beach.  

Something to consider is that Myrtle Beach offers a lot more accommodation options than Virginia Beach, which lacks affordable condos away from the beachfront.

What Is the Cost Of Food In Virginia Beach And Myrtle Beach?

Like accommodation, the price of food will depend on the type of restaurant or cuisine you would indulge in while on holiday. Regardless of your preferences, you would typically pay more for food and drinks in Myrtle Beach than you would in Virginia Beach.

On average, travelers spend about $45 on food in Myrtle beach, which is significantly higher than the average $25 they would pay in Virginia Beach.

For example, a dinner for two in Myrtle Beach could cost $49, and breakfast at a local diner is around $21 for two people. The average meal in Virginia Beach is roughly $9.88 per person.

The cost of alcohol, specifically, is more expensive in Myrtle Beach than in Virginia Beach. For example, the average price of alcoholic drinks per person per day in Myrtle Beach is $13, compared to only $8-$9 in Virginia Beach.

How Much Does Entertainment Cost In Virginia Beach And Myrtle Beach?

Generally, you would pay more for entertainment in Myrtle Beach than in Virginia Beach.

Entertainment, which might include entrance tickets to a show or a short tour, can cost you, on average, $36 in Myrtle Beach, which is more than double what it would cost you in Virginia Beach at a mere $17. 

In Myrtle Beach, a game of Mini Golf for two would cost $18, a Boardwalk Food and Sightseeing Tour is $276, and Myrtle Beach History, Movies, and Music Trolley Tour is $40. 

If you’re spending time on the beach, expect to pay about $15 for a beach chair, $56 for a guided kayak tour, and $55 for a guided paddle-board session

In Virginia Beach, you can get entertainment at a slightly cheaper rate. For example, the Haunted Walking Ghost Tour would only cost you $22, and a Wetland Zip Tour will be around $61. 

Water activities can include a Sunset Dolphin Kayak Tour or a Small Group Dolphin Kayak Eco-Tour for $62, or you can take a Stand-Up Paddleboard Tour for $41, which is also cheaper than Myrtle Beach. 

Travelers typically agree that Myrtle Beach has the better beach, whereas Virginia Beach has slightly more to do on the entertainment front. Of course, these opinions are purely based on personal preference. However, it gives you an idea of what you might be doing while on holiday, which will help you calculate the impact your activities will have on your budget.

The Cost Of Transportation In Virginia Beach And Myrtle Beach

Once in town, you might want to use public transportation to get around or even hire a rental car. Typically, Myrtle Beach’s transportation is slightly more affordable than Virginia Beach’s, depending on your mode of transportation.

On average, expect to spend about $19 per day on taxis or local buses in Myrtle Beach. The same transportation in Virginia Beach will cost you closer to $31. The opposite is true if you rent a bicycle or car: these options are more affordable in Virginia Beach.

One specific example of transport in Myrtle Beach: a round-trip via a private transfer from the Myrtle Beach International Airport to Myrtle Beach will cost you $291.

In Virginia Beach, expect to pay $10 for parking, and the taxi fares are about $2.40 per mile. 

For those avid cyclists, single bikes can typically cost you $8 an hour in Virginia Beach. Tandem bikes are twice that much, and mountain bikes are $11 per hour. In Myrtle Beach, eBikes go for $20 per hour (or $75 for 6 hours), while average cruisers or hybrids can cost $25 daily.

Renting a car in Virginia Beach could cost you roughly $30 per day for an economy option. In Myrtle Beach, one could expect to pay $44 per day for the same car.

If you want to make your way between the two beaches, flight prices can range from $115-$296. These prices reflect the cost of a one-way trip from Myrtle Beach Airport to Norfolk Airport (or vice versa), including taxi fares to get you to and from your exact destinations. 

A cheaper option is taking a bus, which only comes in at $40-$60, but the trip between Myrtle Beach and Virginia Beach will take up to 10 hours.


Overall, Virginia Beach is a less expensive holiday destination than Myrtle Beach. If, for example, you are a couple on a mid-range holiday for a week, you can expect to spend around $2,000 in Myrtle Beach and $1,500 in Virginia Beach on accommodation, food, entertainment, and transport. 


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