Relationship Rules That Get Broken After You Say “I Do”

In the journey of marriage, many of the relationship rules we once held sacred can become surprisingly negotiable. From debunking the myth that you must never go to bed angry, this article compiles diverse viewpoints, revealing the evolving dynamics of modern married life. Get ready to uncover the unexpected freedoms that come with saying “I do.”

Always Go to Bed at the Same Time

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It’s commonly believed that couples should always retire to bed together to maintain intimacy. However, after marriage, it becomes evident that sleep schedules can vary, and it’s perfectly okay. Respecting individual sleep patterns can lead to better rest and a happier relationship. “My husband and I have different sleep schedules, and it works great for us,” shares an online commenter.

Never Go to Bed Angry

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The old adage of never going to bed angry is often easier said than done. In marriage, it’s understood that some disagreements take time to resolve and can’t always be settled before bedtime. It’s healthier to sleep on it and approach the issue with a fresh perspective. This allows for more constructive conversations.

Celebrate Every Anniversary with a Big Gesture

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While anniversaries are special, the expectation of grand celebrations every year can be unrealistic. After marriage, many couples find joy in simple, heartfelt gestures or quiet evenings together. It’s the sentiment, not the scale, of the celebration that truly matters. An online commenter notes, “Our best anniversary was a quiet night in, just enjoying each other’s company.”

Always Eat Dinner Together

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Eating together is a wonderful way to connect, but after marriage, life often involves conflicting schedules. It’s important to find other ways to spend quality time together, not just over dinner. Flexibility and understanding each other’s commitments are key to a harmonious relationship. This ensures that when you do eat together, it’s more meaningful.

Share All Hobbies and Interests

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While shared interests can strengthen a bond, expecting couples to enjoy all the same activities is unrealistic. After marriage, respecting and supporting each other’s hobbies is crucial. This independence enriches personal growth and brings new energy to the relationship. As one commenter says, “Having our separate hobbies makes our time together more interesting.”

Never Take Separate Vacations

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The idea that couples must always vacation together can be limiting. After marriage, it’s healthy for partners to explore individual interests, even if that means occasionally traveling separately. Separate vacations can lead to personal fulfillment and exciting stories to share upon reunion. This practice fosters independence and trust within the marriage.

The Man Should Always Pay

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This outdated rule doesn’t hold up in modern marriages. Financial responsibilities in a marriage are often shared, and many couples alternate or split expenses. It’s more about financial partnership and less about traditional roles. An online commenter shares, “We take turns paying for dates, and it feels more balanced.”

Always Consult Each Other Before Making Plans

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While communication is key, checking in with your spouse for every small decision or plan is unnecessary. After getting married, trusting your partner’s judgment becomes paramount. You must find a way to strike a balance between autonomy and partnership. This trust enhances the relationship and respects individuality.

Keep a Regular Date Night

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Regular date nights are great but can become a chore if forced. In marriage, spontaneity and flexibility often take the front seat. Enjoying impromptu moments together can be just as romantic, if not more. As one commenter says, “Some of our best date nights are casual and unplanned.”

Always Say “I Love You” Before Leaving the House

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While it’s a sweet gesture, it’s not always practical or necessary. The strength of a marriage isn’t measured by daily verbal affirmations but by consistent actions and understanding. Sometimes, a smile or a hug can convey the same sentiment. It’s the quality of the connection that counts.

Never Argue in Public

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While it’s important to be respectful, disagreements can happen anywhere. Handling conflict constructively, regardless of the setting, is essential in a marriage. Public arguments aren’t ideal, but they’re not a relationship death sentence either. Learning to navigate disagreements respectfully is critical.

Always Share the Same Friend Group

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Having mutual friends is great, but it’s also healthy to maintain individual friendships after marriage. This allows for a broader social circle and individual socializing. Each partner should feel free to enjoy time with their friends independently. An online commenter remarks, “Our separate friends bring different perspectives into our lives.”

The Woman Should Always Cook

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This stereotype is outdated in modern marriages. Cooking responsibilities are often shared or alternated based on each partner’s interest and skill. Promoting teamwork and enjoyment in the kitchen is more important than adhering to traditional gender roles. This approach leads to more fun and variety in meal preparations.

Always Watch the Same TV Shows

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With diverse tastes and interests, expecting couples to watch the same shows constantly is unreasonable. In marriage, it’s okay to have “your show” and “their show.” This respects individual preferences and sometimes even leads to discovering new favorites together, promoting sharing over conformity.

Never Raise Your Voice

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While maintaining respect is crucial, expecting never to raise your voice is unrealistic. Emotions can run high in a marriage, and voices might occasionally get louder. The key is to apologize and learn from these moments, not to expect perfection. This way, you grow together through the ups and downs.

Always Agree on Financial Decisions

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Financial harmony is important, but it doesn’t mean agreeing on every purchase. In a marriage, it’s more about having a shared financial goal and respecting each other’s spending habits. Open communication about finances is crucial, not absolute agreement. As one commenter says, “We have a joint budget but also personal spending freedom.”

Always Greet Each Other with a Kiss

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While affection is essential, it’s not always about physical gestures. Understanding each other’s emotional needs and love languages is vital in a marriage. Sometimes, a warm smile or a thoughtful gesture can be just as meaningful. It’s the thought and emotion behind the action that truly matters.

Never Discuss Past Relationships

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Discussing past relationships is often seen as taboo, but in marriage, it can be a part of healthy communication. It’s about sharing your journey and understanding each other’s history. When approached respectfully, these discussions can strengthen trust and understanding and help you build a future with honesty.

The Man Should Always Drive

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This outdated notion doesn’t hold in modern marriages. Driving responsibilities can be shared or decided based on preference and convenience. It’s more about partnership and practicality than adhering to traditional roles.

Always Spend Weekends Together

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While spending weekends together can be lovely, it’s not always feasible or necessary. In a marriage, respecting each other’s need for personal time and commitments is essential. Balancing joint activities with individual pursuits enriches the relationship. This flexibility keeps the relationship fresh and accommodating.

Never Let Your Partner See You Disheveled

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The belief that you must always look your best for your partner is unrealistic. In marriage, being comfortable and authentic around each other is a sign of true intimacy. Seeing each other in less-than-perfect states builds a deeper, more genuine connection. It’s about loving each other, flaws and all.

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