9 Easy Outdoor Drinking Games for Camping

Going camping with a group of friends or family? It sounds like you need some fun outdoor drinking games.

What better way to let loose and have some fun outdoors? With no T.V. and limited cell service, you need to have a way to entertain yourselves. 

But not every outdoor game can be a drinking game for camping. You don’t want to pack heavy and bulky games. This post will cover 9 of our favorite outdoor adult drinking games.

Grab your beverage of choice, and let’s get to the games.


Cornhole, specifically the collapsible version, is a great team-drinking game for camping. You can find these lightweight games at any big box store, costing around $25-$30. 

Cornhole game on green grassPin

Cornhole (collapsed version) is perfect for camping because it weighs less than 4 pounds and fits in a small carrying bag about 14 inches in diameter. It pops open similar to your car sunshade. 

It comes with everything you need; the “boards,” bean bags, and stakes. Just add the fun, and it’s ready to go. 

Set up your boards apart from each other 10-15 feet. They also should be facing each other. Split yourselves up into two teams. Boys against girls, couples against each other, or just mix it up randomly. 

Each team stands to the side of a board and tries to toss their bean bags into the hole on the other board. Each team has four bean bags. Depending on the number of people, someone may need to toss the bags twice or wait a turn.

Designate a line that you have to stand behind while tossing. Then, have it line up with the edge of the board. This makes it easier for the other team to see from across the way. 

To start, one player simply tosses the bag, hoping to get it into the hole. Then a player from the other team tries. Then go back and forth between the teams until all the bags have been tossed. 

Whatever team got the most bags into the hole does not have to take a drink. So if nobody got a bag into a hole, you all suck. Kidding.

Whatever team got closest to the hole wins. If it seems to be a tie, each team picks one player to toss one more bag. Whoever is closest this time is the winning team. The other team (the losers) have to take a drink.

Also, if a player goes over the line when tossing their bag, and the other team catches them, they must take a penalty drink.  

Switch sides of the board with each new game and play as long as you want.

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is fun and extra challenging while camping because of the unlevel ground. Bocce ball involves 2-8 players trying to roll or toss a ball closest to the Pallino (little white ball). 

Bocce ball set on green grass Pin

Everything needed for Bocce ball comes in a 15 x 9 x 4 inches carrying bag and weighs under 14 pounds. You get 8 Bocce balls in 4 different colors. These weigh about 1 ½ pounds and are 3 ½ inches in diameter. You also get the Pallino ball. It is the small white ball to which everyone is trying to roll their Bocce ball. 

Someone tosses the Pallino ball underhand anywhere that all the players can see the ball to start the game. You can play this game in teams or alone. 

The goal is to toss your Bocce ball as close to the Pallino ball as possible. Even better if your ball touches it. You only get to roll once. 

Whoever gets their Bocce ball closest to the Pallino ball wins. Everyone else has to take a drink. If your Bocce ball hits another opponent’s Bocce ball, you have to take a penalty drink.

You cannot clear the ground of any sticks or leaves that may be in the path of your Bocce ball. This is part of the challenge. Bocce ball is originally an Italian game, so be sure to drink your Bellini while playing.   

Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever is a perfect outdoor drinking game without any props. Making it fun to play around the campfire and even after dark.

All you need for this adult drinking game is your imagination and your beverage of choice, of course. This game moves pretty quickly, so keep that in mind with how stiff your drink is.

As I said, this is the perfect campfire game. The rules are simple. Everyone starts with a hand raised. Then someone makes a statement about something they have never done. For example, “Never have I ever…..been arrested”.

If someone in the group has done the stated action, they put their hand down and take a drink. However, if nobody puts their hand down, the player who posed the statement has to drink.

Go around the circle as many times as you want. Not only is this a silly game, but you will quickly learn a lot about your fellow campers. 

Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a fast-paced team-drinking game. You need very little for this game, only some Solo cups, 1 cup per player, and a large table. A picnic table works perfectly. 

Red solo cup on the edge of a tablePin

You do need an even number of players for this game, but someone can always be an honorary cheerleader. Stand on opposite sides of the table, with 1 team on each side. Everyone has a cup in front of them, with about ¼ of their cup full of beer. 

Use beer or another light alcohol drink, as this game goes quickly. Someone yells, “Go,” and the first set of opponents chug their drink and then place it open side down on the edge of the table in front of them. Place the cup about halfway off the edge.

Now, that player has to flip their cup with one hand so it lands on the table open side up. Then, that player must keep putting the cup back on the edge and try again until it lands correctly. 

When the cup lands correctly, the next player on the team can chug their drink and try to flip their cup. This is a relay race, and the fastest team gets bragging rights. 

This is actually a challenging game. It is easy to get excited and flip your cup all crazy. Do a few practice rounds without drinks before starting the real game.

Beersbee – A Modified Version 

Beersbee is another team drinking game perfect for camping because you need plenty of space. This game is played by two teams with a frisbee and two poles with legs, so they stand.

Orange frisbee on green grassPin

This portable, lightweight game can be purchased for around $25. This game has everything you need in a carrying bag and only weighs about 2 ½ pounds.

The poles and stands are easy to set up, and you only need to add two bottles, cans, or cups to the platform on the top of each pole. 

The goal is to knock off the bottle or can off the opponent’s pole with the frisbee. The distance between each pole is about 20-30 feet. A line should be drawn in the dirt for the player to stand behind while tossing the frisbee.

As far as rules and points go, there are many ways you can play. However, we keep it pretty simple because tossing a frisbee is difficult enough. 

This is how we play. One player from 1 team tosses the frisbee at the bottle or can, be sure not to cross the line. If the opposing team catches the player crossing the line, that player has to take a penalty drink.

If that player knocks off the bottle by hitting the pole, the other team must take one drink. If they can knock off the bottle by hitting it, the other team has to take two drinks. 

We play to 15 or 21 points. Whichever team gets the points first wins the game and bragging rights. 

There are so many different ways to play this game. Some involve catching the bottle before it hits the ground. That is a lot of sprinting, and it would be fun in the grass if I were 20 years younger. 

We have modified Beersbee to what works for us while camping. So get creative and develop whatever rules are fun for your group. 

Beer Pong

Good ol’ beer pong. This game is similar to many you might have played at the state fair as a child. Only there is drinking involved. 

Red solo cups and ping pong balls on the grassPin

Beer pong is great for camping because you only need 20 Solo cups and 2 table tennis balls. Of course, you need to split yourselves into two teams, and an odd player can be a referee or cheerleader. 

You will need a long table. A picnic table works great. Set up the Solo cups on the ends of the table in pyramid form, with 4 cups in the back row (closest to the end of the table). Then a row of 3, a row of 2, and finally, 1 cup at the top of the pyramid. 

Each side should have the same pyramid form. Traditionally, you would fill each cup with a bit of beer. However, we just fill the cups with something else when camping for reasons that will make sense later. 

A player from 1 team tries to toss a table tennis ball into any of the cups. If they succeed, the other team has to take that cup, drink it, and set it aside. The goal is to be the team left with cups still standing. 

Because the table tennis balls bounce all over the place, they will roll in the dirt and be disgusting. So that is why we don’t put them into beer that we have to drink. Instead, we just put a few rocks into the cups to steady them and then have a drink of our choice in a separate cup. 

The team that loses all their cups first is the loser. So mix up the teams and play as long as you want.


Spikeball is a highly active game that will get your heart rate up. It is portable, and everything you need fits in a carrying case, weighing about 3 pounds. 

Spikeball comes with a low round net that sits horizontally on its legs. It looks like a small trampoline. The sets usually come with just one ball; I recommend getting another. 

This game is for two teams of 2 players, so four people. Everyone stands around the net. You will be next to your partner, not across from them. 

A player serves the ball into the net. The other team has to touch the ball three times before bouncing it back into the net. Similar to volleyball, three touches. At this point, the other team smacks the ball onto the net as they wish.

Each team can always have three touches before returning it to the net. If a team drops the ball or hits the rim or the ground, the other team gets a point.

When does the drinking begin? I’m thirsty just writing about it. Every time a team scores a point, the other team has to drink. So play as long as you have the energy. 


We play a modified version of Kanjam, so we don’t have to pack the big “cans” needed for the original game. This is a fun team-drinking game; all you need to bring is a few frisbees, enough for half the players. The other item you will need is something to replace the can.

You can use empty storage bins that may have been holding some of your clothes or kitchen items. You can pull up two chairs and make them face the opponents. You could even draw a circle in the dirt.

You can play this game as long as you have a target for your frisbee. Make sure the targets are the same distance apart, and draw a line in the dirt for players to stay behind. When you hit the target, your team gets a point. 

If a player steps over the line and the other team catches them, they must take a penalty drink. Only the player that stepped over the line does this.

Each team gets to let all their players try before the next team has a chance. This would be round 1. At the end of the round, whichever team has the most points wins. All of the players of the losing team have to drink. 

Increase or decrease the distance of the targets as needed.    

Screw Your Neighbor

This great outdoor drinking game requires only a standard deck of 52 cards. It’s fun to play around the lantern at your picnic table in the evening. You only need 3 or more players.

Deck of cards scattered on the grassPin

In this game, Aces are low, and Kings are high. The goal is to have the highest score possible. First, decide who is going to be the dealer. The player to the left of the dealer goes first. The dealer then gives everyone a card face down.

The first person looks at their card and decides whether to keep it or trade it with the player to their left. Any player with a King must turn over for all to see, and nobody can trade with them. You want to end up with the highest card possible.

Keep your card hidden until the end. Then, the dealer can keep their card or get a new card from the deck. After that, everyone turns their cards over at the same time. 

Aces are the lowest card. Numbered cards increase in value as expected, then the Jack, Queen, and King are at the top. King is the best card. Queen is better than Jack. 

The person with the lowest card has lost their first life and has to drink. Everyone gets three lives. We play with 3 pennies per player; if you lose, you put a penny in the middle. 

Rotate the dealer to be the next person on the left and continue until one player is left. They are the ultimate winner. Remember to shuffle the cards after each round. This game probably involves the most minor drinking of all the games discussed, which is just fine too. 

Closing Time

The bar is closing—time to finish up your drinks. Outdoor drinking games for adults are fun and even more fun while camping. Nobody has to drive home, and you don’t have to tip the bartender. 

I hope this post inspired you to mix it up with games on your next camping adventure. Either way, get out there, breathe in the fresh air, mix a campfire cocktail, and as always, camp s’more worry less.  

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