Perception Sound 10.5 Kayak Review (Is It Worth The Money?)

If you are in the market for a feature-rich, affordable kayak, you will enjoy the Perception Sound 10.5 kayak review.  In this article, we will look at the qualities that make this kayak so appealing to a lot of people. 

Many people love to discover the outdoors in a kayak, without spending a lot of money.  Kayaks are great because you can explore coves and other areas that you might not be able to get to with a larger boat or even on foot. 

While some people love to explore, others want to go fishing with a kayak. If you haven’t been, kayak fishing is a lot of fun too. That’s what makes the Perception Sound 10.5 kayak such a great value, it’s equipped for fishing, but you don’t have to be a fisherman to paddle it.

Finding an affordable kayak (fishing or otherwise) shouldn’t be hard, so let’s get to it.

Perception Sound 10.5 kayak summary

Number of Paddlers:1
Weight Capacity:335 lbs
Kayak Weight:46 lbs
What’s included?1 Kayak, seat and backrest

Perception kayaks are well-known and have an excellent reputation in the industry. They have a wide variety of kayaks for different applications and skill levels.

The Perception 10.5 is a sit-inside kayak, meaning the user sits in a cockpit while paddling.  You can read more about sit-inside, and sit-on-top (SOT) kayaks here.

The Perception Sound 10.5 kayak is equipped with two built-in fishing rod holders, a large rear storage area, and a roomy cockpit. The kayak measures 10’6” long, 29.5 inches wide, weighs 46 pounds, and has a maximum weight capacity of 335 pounds.

The kayak is designed for a single paddler and is made of durable polyethylene.  Click here for more information about different materials used to build kayaks.

The Sound 10.5 is excellent for exploring, fishing, or a relaxing day paddling around.  There are a lot of different uses for this kayak, which makes it very versatile. We will get into all of this next.

Perception Sound 10.5 kayak features


The kayak comes with a decent amount of bungee cord storage on the stern.  This would be great for dry bags with clothing or valuables that can’t get wet.  The rear bungee storage is also an excellent place for a cooler or fishing equipment.

Speaking of fishing, this kayak has two molded-in fishing rod holders to hold your pole while you are paddling.  You can keep your fishing pole, and gear tucked neatly away behind you while you make your way to the next spot.

The front of the cockpit has a molded dashboard to store accessories or items you want easily accessible. 

On either side of the dash, you have Solo Mount recesses. These are really cool.  The Solo Mount base screws into the molded recess and has a ball (RAM) on top. You can add accessories to the ball, like a rod holder, fishfinder mount, etc.  No drilling is required.

From a storage perspective, the Perception Sound 10.5 gives you a lot of versatility.


The Sound 10.5 is manufactured using high-density polyethylene and an industry-leading rotational molding process. The manufacturing process makes the kayak resistant to UV rays, impact, and abrasions.

When it comes to durability, the kayak is great for beginners and intermediate users. It’s okay if you bump into a few obstacles along the way. The construction process also keeps the colors and graphics from wearing off.  It’s essential to have a kayak that is highly visible when you are on the water.


The Perception Sound 10.5 is a very versatile kayak.  It has a large open cockpit and an ergonomic seat to be comfortable if you are out for an all-day excursion.

This kayak is great for beginners because it’s stable and easy to paddle. It’s also very durable, like we just mentioned, which is excellent for beginners.

The kayak is great for fishing and comes with two molded fishing rod holders behind the seat. There is plenty of storage space for fishing equipment, a cooler, dry bag, etc. If you are just out cruising around on a peaceful afternoon, there is plenty of room for gear.

We love that this is a versatile, easy to paddle kayak that many different users can enjoy.


The Perception Sound 10.5 is a very stable kayak, and that’s one feature that makes it appealing to beginners and anglers.  The tri-keel hull gives the paddler a kayak that tracks well and is very stable.

The Sound 10.5 is an excellent, stable kayak for slow-moving waterways.

Other features

  • Handles – Front and rear molded handles make the kayak easy to transport and gives the paddler a place to run a cable lock for security.
  • Seat – The agronomical seatback is adjustable up and down as well as front to back.  You can get a custom fit with plenty of back support.
  • Adjustable footrests for paddlers of different sizes.

Who is Perception Sound 10.5 kayak for?

The kayak is versatile and is an excellent option for a lot of different paddlers.  It’s excellent for beginners because it’s affordable, easy to enter and exit, is stable, and tracks well. 

Fishermen will enjoy the kayak because it comes with built-in fishing rod holders, ample storage for fishing equipment, and customizable for adding accessories using the Solo Mount Base.  You can add accessories like a fish finder, GPS, a front-facing rod holder, etc. 

Anyone interested in an affordable, stable kayak with ample storage for day trips will enjoy the Perception Sound 10.5.

Who is the Perception Sound kayak not for?

If speed is your game, or you plan on traveling a long distance, you may want to look at different options.  Although there are features built-in for fishing, many anglers want a kayak specifically designed for fishing.

There are many fishing kayaks on the market that give the user a lot more room. You will have room to stand up and cast, and there is more space for fishing gear.  Here is an option if you are looking for a fishing kayak.

Other things to consider


Most polyethylene kayaks do not require much maintenance.  A quick rinse with fresh water after paddling is usually a good idea, especially if you have been in saltwater.

Scratches can be reduced or removed using a boat polish designed for polyethylene hulls.  To help minimize UV damage, you can use an ultraviolet protectant.


Transporting a kayak is not always top of mind, but something you need to think about before buying a kayak. There are many different methods to transport a kayak. Using a roof rack is one of the easiest.

Roof racks can be costly, and that’s an added cost you have to factor in when you buy a kayak.  The Perception Sound 10.5 weighs about 46 pounds, so be sure you can lift the kayak onto a roof rack if you go that route.

If you don’t have a roof rack, you can check out this article for more information.  If you have a utility trailer or a pickup, those are other ways to get your kayak to the water. 


Storing a kayak is another thing that is often overlooked. Kayaks are often bulky and awkward to store.  When possible, it’s best to store a kayak in a garage, shed, or an area that is covered. A garage or shed gives you the ability to lock the kayak to keep it out of sight from potential thieves. 

If you store the Perception Sound 10.5 kayak outdoors, make sure it’s up off the ground and protected from the weather. You can use a kayak cover or a tarp, but make sure the entire kayak is covered and off the ground.  A covered patio is another option for storing your kayak outdoors.


Getting your kayak from the car to the water is not always easy. If you can park close to the water, that’s great. But there are times when you have to portage a kayak over long distances or cover some rough terrain. In cases like this, a kayak cart is a great option, especially if you are on your own, with no one to help.

Kayaks are heavy and awkward to move. Some people have no problem toting a 46-pound kayak around, but some people need help.  If you need to travel over sand, rocks, or other obstacles, check out this article for more information about kayak carts.

Perception Sound 10.5 Price

The kayak is well-priced and offers a lot of value. There are a lot of features, and you can customize the kayak with accessories.  You will be hard-pressed to find another hardshell kayak that offers excellent value for the price point.


Great for anglers


Does not include a paddle
Can be heavy for one person to lift


Is there a bulkhead on this kayak?

No, the Perception Sound 10.5 does not have a bulkhead.  There is a small dashboard on the cockpit and a large bungee storage area on the kayak’s rear.

Is this a good kayak for tall people?

Well, this really depends on the person. One 6’4″ user reported the kayak “fits me well.”  Other folks in the 6′ range have reported similarly.

Is the back support good for long trips?

The lumbar support moves up/down and front/back, so you can customize the fit.  It’s hard to sit anywhere for a long time.  If you have the opportunity to get out of your kayak and stretch your legs occassionally, that is great.

Does the kayak come with a paddle?

The Perception Sound 10.5 does not come with a paddle. This is good and bad. The good part is you can choose a paddle that fits you the best.  The bad news is you have to spend more money on a paddle. 

For more information on kayak paddles, click here.


Perception Sound 10.5Pin

The Perception Sound 10.5 kayak is an affordable option that has a lot of features.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a versatile kayak.

The kayak is great for beginners and anglers alike or anyone interested in spending the day exploring waterways.  This model is easy to paddle, comes with ample storage, has convenient carry handles, and adjustable back support. 

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