Rad Sportz Kayak Cart Review ( How Well Does It Work?)

Hauling your kayak from your vehicle to the water can be a giant pain in the butt.  In this Rad Sportz kayak cart review, we will show you an easier way to get your boat on the water. This review will introduce the features and benefits of this unique kayak trolley so you can get on with your adventure.

Kayaks are heavy and awkwardly shaped, which can make them difficult to carry to the water.  Sometimes you can park right next to your favorite waterway, but other times you can’t. Rather than throwing out your back or injuring your shoulder, a kayak cart can make your life a lot easier.

Depending on the terrain, you might have to travel over gravel, dirt, sand, or uneven pavement to launch your kayak. Using a kayak cart can make this labor-intensive task much more manageable.

Using a kayak cart also frees the paddler up to carry other gear, either in a backpack, or you can put items in the kayak as you transport it.

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Rad Sportz Kayak Cart Summary

RAD Sportz Kayak Trolley Kayak Cart with Pneumatic Tires 150 LB Capacity Silver
  • ►RUGGED: With a 150 pound weight capacity, your RAD Kayak Trolley will haul even...
  • ►SAFE AND SECURE: With the included tie down straps, you don't need to worry about...
  • ►CONVENIENT: Compacts down to a compact size for easy storage or transport.
  • ►DURABLE: High quality yellow powder-coated aluminum will hold up to years of use....
  • ►USEFUL: Perfect for home or use at the water's edge.
Weight Capacity:120 pounds
Length/Width/Height:27.5″ x 13″ x 12″
Cart weight:8 pounds
Frame material:Powder-coated aluminum frame
What’s included?Cart, wheels and strap

The Rad Sportz kayak cart is lightweight and easy to use.  The frame is made from powder-coated aluminum, so it is light and easy to take with you. 

The wheels are easy to put on and take off, and the cart folds up for easy storage.  If your kayak has space, you could fit this cart in a hatch or behind your seat when you are on the water.

The cart is 27.5” long, 13” wide, and 12” high and has a weight capacity of 120 pounds per the instruction manual.  Foam cushions help protect your kayak from damage and slippage.

Durable 10-inch tires are airless, so you don’t have to worry about a flat tire. The tires also roll well on different terrain. A nylon strap is included to secure your kayak to the cart.

Kayaks are made from a variety of different materials and they can be heavy. The Rad Sportz kayak cart helps take the hassle out of lugging your kayak from your car to the water.

Rad Sportz Kayak Cart Features

Airless tires

There is nothing worse than loading your kayak onto a cart, making your way to the water only to discover you have a flat tire.  Or, you end up rolling over a rock and “pop” there goes your inflatable tire.

One of the features of the Rad Sportz kayak cart is the airless tires.  The tires are actually made of polyurethane, with polypropylene hubs. Whatever they are made of, they are solid. 

The tires on this cart are different from other “no flat” tires, which are made from a solid rubber material. The airless tires on this kayak trolley are hard plastic but have a little cushion. You don’t have to worry about the tire deflating or popping, which gives you peace of mind.


When you use a kayak cart, one dilemma paddlers face is what to do with the cart while you are on the water. Some kayaks have plenty of storage, either on the deck or a hatch. Others don’t have much space.

The kayak cart from Rad Sportz folds down to a manageable size so you can potentially store it on your boat.  If you have a large kayak with a large hatch, you can take the wheels off the cart, fold the cart up and toss all the pieces in the hatch.

The frame of the cart is made of lightweight, powder-coated aluminum.  Even if you have to store the frame and wheels separately, you can do that.  Some folks will strap the cart to the bow or stern of the kayak when they are paddling.

The cart folds up and has a pretty small footprint, which gives the paddler the option to store it on the boat.

Durable construction

The frame of the cart is made from durable, powder-coated aluminum. The aluminum frame is lightweight and sturdy. Also included on the frame are foam pads, which help protect your kayak’s hull from damage and slipping.

The wheels are made of polyurethane and will stand up to a lot of different types of terrain. The wheels work well on sand, gravel, dirt, grass, and pavement.  The wheel hubs are made of polypropylene, which gives them a solid base. 

The cart can support up to 120 pounds.  Many recreational kayaks fall well below the maximum weight capacity.

Easy setup

Putting the cart together is very easy. Although the instructions are not super great, it’s pretty easy to understand how it’s supposed to be assembled.

The cart folds open, and the aluminum frame is very sturdy. There is a kickstand that folds down, and this helps to keep the cart stable while you load the kayak.

The cart comes with quick-release locking pins to attach the wheels to the frame.  The wheels slide on the frame, you insert the pins and lock them in place, easy peasy.

To take the cart apart, it’s the same process in reverse. Remove the locking pins, take the wheels off, and fold the frame and kickstand. For information on how to use a kayak cart, click here.

Who is the Rad Sportz kayak cart for?

The kayak trolley is excellent for recreational kayaks and some fishing kayaks. The weight limit in the instruction manual says 120 pounds, so keep that in mind.  The cart can hold a good-sized kayak. 

Be mindful of the weight capacity if you load up your kayak with gear as your roll it to the water. Your gear can add up in a hurry.

The cart is excellent if you are lugging your kayak alone or have a long distance to cover to get on the water. It will take a load off and make your day a little easier.  It’s also an excellent trolley for camping because it’s lightweight and easy to store.

Who is the Rad Sportz kayak cart not for?

The cart has a maximum weight capacity of 120 pounds so keep that in mind.  If you have a heavy fishing kayak with a lot of equipment, you might need a more robust kayak trolley.

If you own a sit on top kayak with scupper holes, you might want a cart with a frame/arms designed to fit through scupper holes.

Other things to consider


There isn’t much to do when it comes to maintenance. If you use the kayak cart in saltwater conditions, it’s a good idea to rinse it off with fresh water and let it dry before you store it away.


Easy to use
Folds down for compact storage
Airless tires won’t deflate


Instructions are not great
Not suited for heavy kayaks


Can I use this with a sit-on-top kayak?

Yes, you can use this kayak cart with sit-on-top (SOT) kayaks and sit inside recreational kayaks.  For some kayaks with scupper holes, there are carts explicitly designed to fit through the holes.  But you can certainly use this cart for a SOT kayak.

Do the tires have inner tubes?

No, the tires are solid, with no inner tubes.  This means you won’t have to worry about flat tires or to keep the tires inflated.

Can I store the cart on my kayak?

Depending on your kayak and how much space you have.  The cart folds down, and the wheels detach, so taking it apart is easy.  Some kayaks will have space in a hatch or behind the seat storage.


Rad Sportz Kayak Cart Trolley ReviewPin

A kayak cart can take a lot of the hard work out of getting your kayak on the water.  This model is lightweight, easy to use, and durable. Airless tires mean you don’t have to worry about a flat tire while you roll your kayak.

This cart works well on various surfaces, including gravel, grass, pavement, sand, etc. 

The cart folds up for easy storage, and it’s a great option to take if you go camping.  If you have back, shoulder, or knee issues, a cart can be a lifesaver. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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