She Tried to Help Her Boyfriend Financially, But Her Secret Spending Habit Led to Outrage Among Friends.

The Original Poster (OP) finds herself trapped in a web of financial entanglements when her boyfriend, Chris, who already owes her a significant amount, requests another loan for child support. As she offers what she can, a revelation about her recent extravagant spending on a popularity poll for her favorite Korean actor strains their relationship further. When Chris takes the matter public among their friends, lines are drawn and judgments made, leaving OP to question her choices and values.

The Financial Ask

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OP, a 29-year-old female, reveals that her 33-year-old boyfriend, Chris, approached her with a request. He needed $550 to help with his child support payments. This wasn’t the first time Chris had borrowed money from her.

Past Dues and Debts

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Two months prior, Chris had borrowed $800 from OP to help him cover basic bills. He hadn’t paid back that amount yet, making his current request more complex. OP finds herself in a dilemma.

A Compromise

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OP, unable to meet Chris’s full request, offers a partial solution. She proposes to give him $150, which she can spare. Chris thanks her, vowing to repay once his finances are in order, although the prospect seems far-fetched.

A Secret Splurge Revealed

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Chris discovers from an acquaintance about OP’s recent expenditure. She had spent over $800 on voting tickets for a popularity poll, favoring a Korean actor she ardently admires. OP’s dedication to the cause involved creating multiple accounts and rallying other fans.

Chris’s Disappointment

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Upon learning of OP’s spending choices, Chris conveys his dismay. He questions OP’s priorities, calling her out for her perceived shallowness. To him, investing in a celebrity who doesn’t even recognize her seemed frivolous.

Public Outrage

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Taking his displeasure to a public forum, Chris shares the incident with their friends on a Facebook chat. Their common friends quickly take sides, with many resonating with Chris’s disappointment.

The Popularity Poll

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Diving into the details of the poll, OP had a genuine interest in seeing her favorite Korean actor win. It wasn’t just a whimsical expense but an endeavor she felt deeply about. For OP, the investment was in passion, not just money.

The Actor’s Allure

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The Korean actor in question holds a special place in OP’s heart. Her admiration isn’t a fleeting crush but a deep-rooted affection. She considers her efforts a small price for his victory. OP’s part of a vast community of dedicated fans who rally behind their favorite celebrities.

The Facebook Aftermath

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With the story now public knowledge, opinions are diverse. Some friends find OP’s actions thoughtless, especially considering Chris’s financial struggles. Others remain silent, perhaps contemplating their stance.

OP’s Defense

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Feeling the weight of judgment, OP attempts to clarify her actions. She argues that her money is hers to spend as she pleases. The Korean actor, though a stranger, has provided her with joy and entertainment over the years.

The Unresolved Debt

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The lingering debt between OP and Chris adds tension to their relationship. With the original sum still unpaid and additional money borrowed, finances become a prominent issue. The couple struggles to find a balance.

Chris’s Perspective

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Chris feels hurt, not just by OP’s spending but also by her priorities. To him, family obligations outweigh fandom commitments. He struggles to understand her choices. As the debate rages on, lines are drawn among friends, and conversations revolve around financial responsibility.

The Weight of Public Opinion

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OP feels overwhelmed by the negative attention. She hadn’t expected her private choices to become a matter of public debate. She grapples with feeling judged and misunderstood. Having her own money means having the freedom to spend it as she wishes.

Relationship Strains

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Beyond finances, the incident reveals deeper cracks in OP and Chris’s relationship. Trust, understanding, and communication come under the spotlight. As the dust settles, OP wonders whether she was wrong.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts her story online for feedback and perspective from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “I mean, it’s your money, and I’m not advocating you use it to spend it on your boyfriend’s kids, but dear lord – please reconsider spending your hard-earned money making someone already rich and famous win a popularity contest.

Another Commenter Thinks 

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Another responder wrote, “It’s his responsibility to cover child support. You helping him is a kindness and not a responsibility. I would state this even if you shared expenses and lived together.

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “It doesn’t matter what she spends her money on because it’s HER money, not his. He’s asking for her to pay his back child support after already borrowing money from her.

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “You are not responsible for his child support. That’s his responsibility. Trying to guilt you for not paying his child support is a major red flag. Dump him, spend your money as you wish.

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