17 Romantic Camping Ideas With a Snuggly Checklist

Try camping if you want to take your sweetie on a romantic getaway. We share 17 of our favorite romantic camping ideas to get you in the mood. 

Romantic camping ideas are fun for both parties and can be a great change of pace to spice up your relationship. We think it’s the perfect setting because it allows you to focus on your partner without distractions. 

Fresh forest air, snuggling up under the covers, and wine under the stars; this may sound like an expensive couples retreat. But it’s not; you can have all this on a romantic camping getaway in the great outdoors.

So what do couples do on a romantic camping date? They slow down, enjoy the moment, and focus on each other. Camping is an affordable way to spend quality time together and unwind. Our post will cover ways to make camping unique and our best romantic camping ideas.

Location, Location, Location

When searching for romantic camping destinations, research the area and look for a quiet, relaxing environment. The fewer people around, the better. 

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It’s pretty challenging to have a romantic camping trip with neighbors nearby. Therefore, it is important to find a secluded campsite far away from other campers. In addition, you may want to consider dispersed camping, which is camping outside of a designated campground. 

If you need a campground’s amenities, choose the biggest site possible. Look for a site on the edge or periphery of the campground. Pitch your tent far away from neighbors towards your site’s back. 

Research the Weather

Nothing says romance like being cold and wet, said no one ever. So try to plan your romantic getaway for a weekend with good weather. You want to be able to sit around the campfire, have picnics, and enjoy the outdoors. 

Be prepared for weather that may put out the fire, and I’m not talking about the campfire. The weather can put a damper on your romantic plans, so consider it when planning a romantic camping trip.

Know the Surrounding Landscape

Exploring the surrounding landscape is a great activity for couples who are camping. Look for a camping area near hiking trails or bodies of water. Canoeing would be a relaxing and romantic way to spend the afternoon.

Paddling around a lake with your sweetie is super romantic. You see, this in cheesy romance films. It may be cheesy, but it works. Something is soothing and calming about bodies of water. 

Romantic getaways involve planning. Suppose you know what beautiful areas surround your campsite. Your afternoons will be fun, and your sweetie will appreciate the planning you did. Think of it as researching a fancy restaurant before you go out to eat, do the same for a romantic camping trip.

Bring the Right Tent

Your tent is essentially your hotel room. Do you want to stay in a tiny, dirt hotel with paper-thin walls? You need a cozy, spacious tent with plenty of privacy for romantic tent camping

Whether you are summer camping or winter camping, you need an appropriate camping tent for the weather. It is hard to relax and get in the mood when you are freezing at night or sweating like crazy in your tent. 

Remember when you were little, and it was fun to make shadows in your thin tent by moonlight? Now picture adults trying to have a romantic evening in this type of tent

This might not matter if you are camping in the middle of nowhere. However, this could be super awkward in a campground, so remember that. 

Campfires Are a Must

This is a no-brainer. A warm crackling fire sets the perfect scene for a romantic evening. Sitting around the campfire with an evening cocktail will surely put you in the mood. Be sure you have enough firewood to last the evening.

An active mature couple sits around a campfirePin

Campfires are a great way to warm up as the evening gets chilly, and you can reminisce about your fun day. It’s a perfect way to end the day and relax with your honey. 

Create Romantic Ambiance

Nothing says romance like the right lighting. Think of any romantic evening scene, and there will be some mood lighting.

LED string lights and lanterns provide lighting for your campsite, but they visually make it cozy and romantic. As the night goes on, you can dim the lanterns, adding to the mood.

My favorite lighting to add to the mood is flameless candles. They look like regular candles, add light, and won’t burn down the forest. Forest fires are not romantic.  

Plan a Sunset Picnic

Watching the sunset with someone you love is a wonderful way to wind down the day. It sets the mood for your evening of relaxation and closeness. Take your favorite bottle of wine and some evening snacks. Remember to bring along a picnic blanket. 

If you can find a nearby meadow, the sunsets may be more beautiful. Sunsets are relaxing and can be breathtaking when viewed away from all the city lights. They force you to slow down, pause and enjoy the moment. 


Like sunsets, stargazing is another way to relax and enjoy quiet time with your honey. Looking at the stars in the forest is one of the best ways to see the night sky. 

You can see a million stars on a clear night without city lights. This is an excellent way to make camping special for your loved one. If you have a tent with a mesh top, you can stargaze until you fall asleep. Camping under the stars, snuggled up together, will win you some points with your sweetie. 

Dance by the Moonlight

This is for the seriously romantic couples out there, the kind of stuff in movies. When the lights are low and the campfire is crackling, grab your sweetie by the hand and pull them into a slow dance. 

You could play some downloaded slow music on your phone or even a portable outdoor speaker if you planned ahead. Pair this with some mood lighting; you will certainly have a good time. 

Zip Together or Double Sleeping Bag

Snuggling all night long, physically and mentally, will bring you closer. Not only will you be warmer, but you will be within easy reach. Body heat is better than any blanket for keeping warm.

Couple in sleeping bags in a tentPin

Not all sleeping bags zip together, so you may need to invest in some or pack a double sleeping bag. Test out your sleeping bags before heading out for the weekend. 

A double sleeping bag is great for couples planning several romantic camping adventures. Snuggling up in a double sleeping bag is an easy way to spend time together.

Double Hammock

Double hammocks are another great way to “hang out” with your sweetie. They are actually pretty funny to be in with another person, and laughing with your partner is good for the soul.

I recommend spooning in a double hammock; it is pretty comfortable once you get over the giggles of getting into it. 

Camp Chair for Two

How can you snuggle up by the campfire in separate chairs? What you need is a camping chair for two; a loveseat. It will be just like snuggling up on the couch at home, only better. 

Scenic Hike With a Picnic

Plan some day hikes to a scenic location, nothing too strenuous and exhausting. Bring picnic food, a bottle of wine, and a blanket to sit on. Remember the unbreakable wine glasses. 

Take your time on this hike to look around and casually chat about the scenery with your honey. Don’t rush; just enjoy the surroundings and your partner’s company. 

Cook Together, Drink Together

Even if you aren’t huge foodies, cooking a romantic camping meal will be fun and bring you together. Make a special meal for camping food, and don’t forget the wine. For the real “foodies” out there, cook a multi-course meal. 

Cooking on a campfirePin

Be sure to bring the proper cookware and utensils for this meal. Pick up a pair of unbreakable wine glasses to play up the meal. Grab a flameless candle and play some background music, too, if you really want to get swept away. 

Camping is a great time to experiment with a different wine or beer every night. Make the weekend your own wine or beer-tasting adventure. Then you can relax and discuss your thoughts about the tasting. 

Play Silly Games

Laughter is an aphrodisiac, so be silly and play camping games that make you giggle. A simple card or board game is a great way to have a conversation and focus on your partner. 

Your version of Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever could be super fun and have you laughing in no time. And you don’t even need cards to play these games. 

I’m a fan of I Spy With my Little Eye. We always end up laughing and having a good time. There are plenty of things to observe while camping in the woods.  

Games like horseshoes or cornhole are active, fun, and competitive. If you and your sweetie are active, this might appeal to your senses better.

The point of playing games is to get you talking and laughing together; it also helps with relaxation. All this may lead to even better games if you play your cards right!

Buy Something Special 

Buy something new just for this romantic camping trip. It can be anything you want, big or small, to make your camping trip memorable. 

If you are an active couple, try buying a new double hammock, hiking gear, or a new game just for camping. You can surprise your partner or pick these out together, whatever works.

There are plenty of things to buy if cooking is your jam. Maybe it’s a new kettle to heat a cup of coffee served up special with breakfast in bed. Who wouldn’t love some plastic wine glasses to spice up dinner? 

For the genuinely romantic types, buy some romantic camping accessories. Flameless candles will add to the romantic atmosphere. Don’t forget the background music on your new portable speaker.

Take Pictures

I know everyone takes selfies, but it is especially important on a romantic camping getaway. You both will enjoy looking back at them after, which could spark more romance later as you reminisce. 

When someone says they want to take a picture, they want to preserve the moment. Though I may be a little self-conscious, it makes me feel special when my husband wants to take my picture. 

I love to take pictures of scenery but also of us with scenic views in the background. Most of us take pictures of people and events meaningful to us. 

Pictures of your romantic camping trip can bring you closer together during the trip and after. It is a great way to make this camping trip extra special. 


How Do I Take My Significant Other Camping?

Planning, and more planning. Planning special meals, romantic walks with picnics, and ambient lighting in the evening. Talk about concerns and how to prepare for these uncertainties.

Stay comfortable and warm. Ladies are usually colder than men. Warm sleeping bags, campfires, and hot cocoa will help. Be thoughtful and caring, play games, and go for walks.

Final thoughts

A romantic camping getaway is perfect for reconnecting and focusing on your partner. This is what it is really all about. Spending a romantic weekend takes a different form for everyone, so really think about what that means for you as a couple.

Do what is fun for you both and bring you together, whatever that may be. Like all camping trips, there will be some bumps along the way. But, don’t be discouraged; you will learn as you go and be better prepared the next time. 

The main idea is to get out in nature, breathe in the fresh air with a loved one, and as always, camp s’more worry less. 

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