Hilarious Thanksgiving Traditions You May Have Never Heard Of

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family, and, of course, some wonderfully silly traditions! From pumpkin pie eating contests to impromptu turkey costume parades, our list, compiled from various people’s experiences, showcases quirky and delightful ways families celebrate this holiday. Dive into these heartwarming and hilarious customs that might just inspire your next Thanksgiving celebration.

Turkey Costume Parade

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Every year, our family kicks off Thanksgiving with a hilarious turkey costume parade. Each member dons a homemade turkey outfit, complete with feathers and beaks. We parade around the neighborhood, gobbling and laughing, drawing smiles from everyone we meet. “It’s like our own version of Thanksgiving meets Halloween,” clucks one neighbor online.

Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest

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Our friends host an annual pumpkin pie eating contest. Contestants have five minutes to eat as much pie as they can without using their hands. The winner gets a silly trophy and year-long bragging rights. The laughter and whipped cream-covered faces are the highlights of the evening.

The Wishbone Duel

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After dinner, the kids eagerly await the wishbone duel. Two family members hold each end of the turkey’s wishbone, making a wish silently. With a snap, the winner’s wish is said to come true. An online commenter reminisces, “It’s a tradition that brings both suspense and giggles to our Thanksgiving table.”

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

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We organize a gratitude scavenger hunt for the children. Clues are hidden around the house, each leading to something we’re thankful for. It’s a fun, interactive way to remind us of our blessings. The excitement of the kids as they discover each clue is truly heartwarming.

Turkey Trot Race

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Before the feast, some of us participate in a local Turkey Trot race. Dressed in festive attire, we run a 5K, often in ridiculous outfits. It’s a great way to work up an appetite and support a local charity. Plus, the sight of turkeys and pilgrims running through town is always amusing.

The Leftover Challenge

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The day after Thanksgiving, we have a leftover challenge. Everyone must create a new dish using only leftovers. The creations range from turkey pizza to cranberry smoothies. “It’s amazing how creative and delicious these leftover inventions can be,” an online food blogger writes.

Thanksgiving Karaoke

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In the evening, we set up a Thanksgiving-themed karaoke. Everyone must perform a song that either mentions food or gives thanks. The performances are often more humorous than harmonious. It’s a joyful way to end the day, full of laughter and music.

The Gobble Game

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We play the Gobble Game during dinner. Whenever someone says “thanks,” everyone else must gobble like a turkey. It inevitably leads to a chorus of gobbles throughout the meal. It’s a silly but heartwarming reminder to give thanks.

Pie Flavor Roulette

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Our dessert table features a pie flavor roulette. Each pie is a mystery flavor, and you don’t know what you’re getting until you take a bite. From classic pumpkin to unexpected avocado lime, it’s always a delicious surprise. An online commenter jokes, “It’s the tastiest game of chance!”

Family Football Match

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After dinner, we organize a family football match in the backyard. No matter the skill level, everyone joins in. It’s a playful way to burn off some of that turkey dinner. The sight of grandparents and kids playing together is priceless.

Turkey Dance-Off

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Later in the evening, we have a turkey dance-off. Everyone must dance like a turkey, flapping wings and all. The silliest dancer is crowned the Turkey King or Queen. It’s a tradition that guarantees laughter and silly memories.

Thanksgiving Fashion Show

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We host a Thanksgiving fashion show featuring outfits made from holiday-themed materials. Participants strut down the ‘runway’ in creations made from tablecloths, napkins, and even fall leaves. “It’s our family’s unique way of celebrating creativity and togetherness,” shares a relative online.

Pumpkin Bowling

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In our backyard, we set up a game of pumpkin bowling. The pins are butternut squash, and the ball is a small pumpkin. It’s a quirky twist on a classic game and always a hit with guests. The sound of laughter and cheering fills the air as pumpkins roll and squash topple.

Turkey Whisperer Contest

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Each year, someone is crowned the Turkey Whisperer. Contestants try to call a turkey using only their voice. The most convincing cluck and gobble wins. It’s a competition that’s as ridiculous as it is entertaining.

Thanksgiving Hat Parade

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Our family has a tradition of crafting and wearing unique Thanksgiving hats. From elaborate turkey headdresses to pilgrim bonnets, creativity is key. We parade around the dining table, showing off our creations. An online commenter says, “It’s a delightful display of Thanksgiving spirit and artistry.”

The Gravy Boat Race

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We hold miniature gravy boat races. Using tiny boats filled with gravy, we race them across a water-filled trough. The first boat to reach the end without capsizing wins. It’s a whimsical way to celebrate the holiday and entertain the kids.

Cranberry Stringing Competition

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We engage in a cranberry stringing competition. The challenge is to create the longest and most creative cranberry string. It’s fun and results in beautiful decorations for the house. The focus and laughter shared during this activity are a highlight of our Thanksgiving.

The Thankful Jar

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We have a Thankful Jar where everyone writes what they’re thankful for on a slip of paper. At the end of the day, we read them out loud. It’s a heartwarming reminder of our blessings and often leads to touching moments. This tradition keeps us grounded in gratitude.

The Tofurkey Trot

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For our vegetarian friends, we host a Tofurkey Trot. Participants race while carrying a tofurkey on a platter. It’s a fun and inclusive addition to our Thanksgiving traditions. Seeing people racing with tofurkeys always brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Pilgrim and Native American Role-Play

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We do a light-hearted role-play of Pilgrims and Native Americans. It’s a playful way to educate the kids about the holiday’s history. Everyone dresses up and reenacts the first Thanksgiving. This tradition is both educational and entertaining for all ages.

The Mystery Guest Game

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Every year, we invite a ‘mystery guest’ to dinner. The guest is someone unexpected, like a new neighbor or a friend from afar. It adds an element of surprise and excitement to our gathering. An online commenter shares, “It’s a wonderful way to make new friends and share the joy of Thanksgiving.”

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