These States Are Desperate for a Luxury Vacation – Find Out Which Ones Made the Cut

The vacation season is upon us. While some are looking for a quick road trip to a nearby destination, others can’t stop daydreaming about a luxurious time-out. Top-notch resorts and fine dining in a beautiful setting make their hearts flutter.

But which states are most in need of this kind of getaway? We have the names of the top 10 states begging for a luxury vacation!

How Were the Names Picked?

Google Trends data is the power behind the research. It helped analyze the interest level of people from each US area by looking at some terms they most searched for. These terms included:

  • Luxury resorts
  • First-class airlines
  • Yacht charter
  • 5-star resorts

There were seven more similar terms. Each area was then scored out of 100. Finally, an average was calculated for the scores of all 11 terms in each area to see where people were most excited about a luxury vacation.

Top 10 States in Need of a Luxury Vacation

New York

New York is topping the list, with an overall score of 80.18. While the city is a tourist attraction for people looking for extravaganza hotels and exclusive restaurants, the citizens anticipate a more sun-soaked, tranquil vacation. The state’s most-searched term was “luxury villa.” Maybe somewhere with a private pool and beach access is what they are hoping for.


Coming in close with a final score of 71.09 is the Sunshine State. Of course, many people wish to tan their skin on one of Florida’s stunning beaches and enjoy unbeatable luxury services at the lively resorts. But Floridians want something else entirely. Their preferences seem more drawn toward a nautical adventure, given the state scored the highest for the search terms’ luxury cruise’ and ‘luxury yacht.’  


The charmingly coastal state of Connecticut secured the bronze medal with a final score of 68.45. The residents haven’t narrowed down their options. They’re all looking for a ‘luxury vacation’ in a picturesque setting. Whether it’s beachfront property or an urban, glamorous getaway, Connecticut needs a break from reality.

New Jersey

The fourth on our list is the state where diners serve disco fries and Taylor Ham. However, new Jersey isn’t giving up on luxury dreams yet, scoring 61.64. Although New York is right in the neighborhood with its bustling nightlife and grandeur, New Jersey citizens have a different vibe this year. They are hoping for far-flung destinations with ‘five-star resorts’ to treat themselves with.

South Carolina

Shrimps, barbecues, and coastal towns no longer work for South Carolinians. And so, with a score of 59.73, the state takes fifth place. The residents are in the mood for something serene. Their most-searched term out of the list is ‘luxury vacation.’ Now, that could be a safari in Africa, a romantic getaway to the French Riviera, or even a retreat to the Caribbean. Whatever it is, South Carolina is eager for a luxury escape.


Georgians have made it clear that they need some overdue R&R by actively searching for ‘luxury vacation rentals’ on Google. The Peach State scored 59.55, getting it the sixth spot on our list. So where could their dream luxury rental be? Ask the locals, and they’ll tell you about their vision of a Mediterranean-style villa perched on a hill with spectacular views.


Another US state looking for luxury vacation rentals is Virginia. The term got a score of 72, whereas the final score for Virginia was 58.45. It’s good that they are open-minded and willing to try something different. Maybe a luxurious resort on the East Coast of Canada or an adults-only all-inclusive in the Caribbean.


Massachusetts ranks eighth with a final score of 56.91. Although the state’s capital, Boston, boasts several luxury hotels, such as the Four Seasons, which can provide a luxurious break without traveling far, the state scored a high 71 for “luxury resorts.” So we guess they are looking for some distant getaways.

Washington, DC

The two terms Washington, DC, searched for the most were “luxury resorts” and “yacht charter.” The state got the highest ranking for these two. The citizens want to set sail away into the blissful world of luxury yachting. But the total score for Washington, DC, was 55.27, giving it a 9th-place ranking on our list.


Maryland rounds out the top ten with a score of 54.09. Although the citizens don’t seem much eager, they’re still looking for a luxury vacation somewhere peaceful and serene. But where could that be?

If you’re eager to know which area took the last spot on the list, North Dakota scored a 1.91. Maybe the citizens haven’t thought about what they truly want.


These states are excited about fancy resorts. So, whether you’re craving the beaches or other attractions, prepare for a fabulous and indulgent getaway. So, pack your bags and let the luxury adventures begin!

Source: Ritzy Charters

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