26 Cool And Unique Things To Do In Sedona

Sedona, Arizona, is known for its stunning red rocks and picturesque scenery. There’s plenty to do in Sedona; the best way to experience everything is to get out and explore.

So, if you are looking for ideas on things to do in Sedona, you’re in luck. This blog post will guide you to this beautiful Arizona town’s best activities and attractions. There’s something for everyone in Sedona: hiking, biking, shopping, and sightseeing.

Things To Do In Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is located about 30 miles south of Flagstaff and is a popular destination for tourists worldwide.

The town is in the middle of red rock formations with many hiking trails, scenic lookouts, and other outdoor activities.

There are also several art galleries, museums, and shops to explore in Sedona.

So, if you are wondering what to do in Sedona, we got you. Here are some of the best things to do in Sedona, AZ.

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Pink Jeep Tour

If you want serious fun and adventure, jeep tours are one of the coolest things to do in Sedona, Arizona.

Pink Jeep Tours is one of the most popular activities in Sedona. The jeeps are designed to navigate the rough terrain of Sedona’s red rock backcountry.

Tours typically last around two hours and take visitors to some of the most scenic locations in the area. During the tour, local guides provide commentary on Sedona’s geology and history.

Visitors also have the opportunity to take photos and enjoy the breathtaking views. The pink jeep tour is a great way to experience Sedona’s natural beauty.

Because the tours operate year-round, there’s never a bad time to go. Tours are available depending on your interests and your budget. You can’t go wrong with any of the tours.

Spring and fall are excellent, as the temperature is comfortable, and the landscape is vibrant. 

Explore Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village

Tlaquepaque - Arts & Shopping VillagePin
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If you want unique things to do in Sedona, add the Tlaquepaque Arts Shopping Village to your list.

Tlaquepaque is a beautiful place to explore the local shops and galleries.

The village is home to over fifty galleries, shops, and restaurants. The shops offer various arts and crafts, including jewelry, pottery, paintings, and woodwork.

El Rincon Mexican Restaurant is a great place to grab a bite. The restaurant has a patio that overlooks Oak Creek, and it’s the perfect spot to relax and people-watch.

The galleries feature works by local and regional artists. Tlaquepaque also hosts events throughout the year, such as concerts, festivals, and workshops.

One of the best aspects of Tlaquepaque is all the Sycamore trees that provide shade in the summer. The village is truly a hidden gem in Sedona.

Tlaquepaque is a great place to visit if you want unique gifts or simply want to enjoy the scenery.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride

Sedona is well-known for its red rocks, and there’s no better way to see them than from a hot air balloon. There’s nothing quite like floating peacefully above the landscape and getting a bird’s eye view of the rugged terrain.

While hot air ballooning is undoubtedly not for everyone, those seeking an adventurous way to experience Sedona will find it well worth it. A hot air balloon ride in Sedona is a unique way to see the famed red rocks.

In addition to the scenery, hot-air ballooning allows riders to enjoy quality time with family, friends, and fellow passengers. You might even spot some wildlife from up high if you’re lucky.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to explore Sedona or want to try something different, a hot air balloon ride is an unforgettable experience.

Sedona Heritage Museum

Looking for non-touristy things to do in Sedona? The Sedona Heritage Museum is great for learning about the area’s history and culture. Located in the heart of uptown Sedona, the museum offers a variety of exhibits that showcase the town’s rich heritage.

Visitors can see how Sedona has evolved from a small settlement to a thriving community. The museum also features a variety of artifacts and photos that tell the story of Sedona’s past.

In addition, the museum offers a variety of educational programs for both children and adults.

Whether you’re a lifelong resident or just passing through, the Sedona Heritage Museum is a great place to learn about this special place we call home.

Red Rock Scenic Byway

State Route 179, also known as the Red Rock Scenic Byway, is one of Arizona’s most popular scenic drives. The byway winds 7.5 miles through the Coconino National Forest on its way through the red rock country of Sedona, offering great views of the area’s unique geological formations.

The byway is open year-round, although winter weather can make driving more challenging. While State Route 179 is definitely worth a visit any time of year, many visitors prefer to experience it in the fall, when the leaves of the region’s charismatic quaking aspens turn a golden yellow.

So whether you’re a local looking for a weekend escape or a tourist searching for an authentic taste of the American West, the Red Rock Scenic Byway is sure to please.

Visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross

 Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, ArizonaPin
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Are you looking for a breathtaking and spiritual experience? Then look no further than the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, Arizona. It’s one of the top Sedona attractions.

This beautiful chapel was built into the red rocks of Sedona in 1956, and its unique location makes it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

Visitors to the chapel can enjoy amazing views of Sedona’s famous red rocks, and the chapel itself is a work of art.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is open to the public and offers tours, masses, and special events throughout the year.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a great place to worship or enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding this marvel.

Take a Hike

Hiking is a fun thing to do in SedonaPin
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Sedona is one of the most beautiful places in Arizona. With its red rocks and fantastic scenery, it’s no wonder that Sedona is a popular destination for hikers.

There are many great trails to explore, and no matter your skill level, you’re sure to find a hike perfect for you.

The Boynton Canyon Trail is a popular Sedona spot leading to a deep box canyon. Along the way, you can see Sinagua Indian ruins. It’s a moderate hike with amazing views of Boynton Canyon.

Devil’s Bridge Trail is another very popular hiking trail. There are several ways to get to Devil’s Bridge, and most routes are pretty easy until you get to the end. Then, it’s a lot more vertical. Devil’s Bridge is a super popular spot for pictures, and sometimes, you have to wait your turn to snap that photo.

Fay Canyon is a shorter and easier hike, but it’s still pretty, with lots of vegetation. So if you’re short on time or not looking for a strenuous hike, Fay Canyon is a great option.

West Fork Trail near Munds Park is another moderately challenging hike worth checking out.

Some trails in Sedona require a Red Rock Pass, so check before heading out.

There are also numerous other trails in Sedona, each with unique benefits. So, whether you’re looking for a challenging or more leisurely hike, Sedona has a trail for you.

So, lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails.

Shop in Uptown Sedona

With its collection of quaint shops and galleries, Uptown Sedona is the perfect place to spend a leisurely afternoon. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece of jewelry or a one-of-a-kind work of art, you’re sure to find it in Uptown Sedona.

There are plenty of fantastic eateries and places to satisfy your sweet tooth, like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and PussyCat Gelato.

Uptown Sedona is also home to many art galleries, so it’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a new piece for your collection.

The local shops offer a charming atmosphere that makes you feel at home. And with its central location, Uptown Sedona is the perfect starting point for exploring all that Sedona has to offer.

Because the area is pedestrian-friendly, you can walk from shop to shop to find what you want.

Pay-to-park zones and public parking areas are available, so you can easily park and explore.

Head uptown if you’re visiting for the day or searching for the perfect souvenir.

Stargaze at Bell Rock

Bell Rock is one of the best places in Sedona to stargaze. This natural rock formation is located in a dark sky, away from light pollution. So on a clear night, you can see an incredible number of stars overhead.

Bell Rock is also home to some fantastic hiking trails. During the day, you can explore the area and take in the gorgeous views. Then, you can enjoy a completely different experience under the stars at night.

Whether you’re an experienced stargazer or just looking to get a glimpse of the night sky, Bell Rock is the perfect place to go.

Devil’s Bridge Trail

Devil's Bridge Trail in SedonaPin
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The Sedona area is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Arizona.

With its spectacular red rock formations, majestic mountains, and tranquil desert landscape, it’s no wonder people come from all over to experience its beauty.

One of the best ways to take in the sights of Sedona is by hiking Devil’s Bridge Trail. The natural sandstone arch is one of the most iconic landmarks in Sedona.

This easy-to-moderate hike offers incredible views of the area. At the top of the bridge, you’ll be treated to a 360-degree panorama.

The hike itself is pretty straightforward. The challenging part comes at the end, climbing the staircase. But it’s a great way to get some exercise and fresh air while enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

Standing at the edge of the bridge offers breathtaking views of the canyon below. And if you’re lucky, you might spot a few desert wildlife along the way.

It’s best to get to the trailhead early. Parking is tough to come by later in the day. Also, the further away you have to park, the further you must hike.

So whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a first-time visitor, add Devil’s Bridge Trail to your Sedona hiking list.

Verde Valley Wine Trail

The Verde Valley Wine Trail is a scenic route that winds through the heart of Arizona wine country. The trail offers visitors a chance to sample the diverse flavors of the region.

Along the way, visitors can also enjoy incredible views of Sedona’s red rocks and the Verde Valley’s rolling hills. So whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or a casual wine enthusiast, the Verde Valley Wine Trail is sure to please.

With so many different wineries, there’s something for every palate.

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock is a popular hiking destination in Sedona. It is open year-round for visitors to enjoy.

The trail is relatively short but challenging, with several steep sections requiring scrambling. In addition, it can be a slippery trek, so make sure you have the right shoes and keep your hands free to catch yourself if needed.

However, the views from the top are more than worth the effort, and on a clear day, you can see everything red rock country has to offer.

Cathedral Rock is one of the most popular places to visit in Sedona, especially on weekends. If you’re looking for a quiet hike, you may want to try another trail.

The best time to hike Cathedral Rock is early morning or late afternoon to avoid crowds and heat. Spring and fall are best to avoid the Arizona heat.

The best way to get to the trailhead is to park at the park ride on SR179 and use the shuttle service.

But if you don’t mind a little company and are up for a workout, Cathedral Rock is worth visiting.

Visit Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon is just plain beautiful. The canyon is home to various plant and animal life and many hiking and camping opportunities.

Slide Rock State Park is one of the most popular attractions in the canyon, which features a natural rock water slide.

Visitors can also enjoy picnicking, swimming, and exploring the numerous trails in the park.

In addition, the views of the red rock formations that line the canyon walls are simply amazing.

Oak Creek Canyon is a popular destination for photographers, nature enthusiasts, and anyone who loves to explore the great outdoors.

Regardless of how you spend time in Oak Creek Canyon, it is an incredible experience.

Slide Rock State Park

Having fun at Slide Rock State ParkPin
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Looking for fun things to do near Sedona? Check out Slide Rock State Park.

The park is best known for its natural rock slides, which provide a fun and unique way to cool off on a hot day.

Even when temperatures soar above 100 degrees, the water is chilly and feels fantastic.

There are cliffs to jump off into the water, and you must be careful. However, if cliff jumping isn’t for you, there are plenty of shallow areas to get your feet wet and cool off.

The park also has picnic areas, hiking trails, and plenty of places to relax and enjoy the captivating scenery. Get there early because this place gets packed in the summer, especially on the weekends.

The entrance fee varies depending on the season: $10 in the off-season and $30 during peak season on the weekends.

If fishing is your jam, it is home to brown and rainbow trout, and there are many good spots for fishing upstream from the main park.

If you visit during the summer, get there early as it tends to fill up quickly. The place is usually packed by 11 am on hot summer weekend days.

But seriously, folks, if you want things to do in Sedona, you must check out Slide Rock State Park.

Boynton Canyon Trail

Boynton Canyon Trail in SedonaPin
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For those looking for a moderate hike that offers stunning views of Sedona, the Boynton Canyon Trail is a great option.

The trailhead is close to the Enchantment Resort. The trail is well-marked and easy to follow.

Boynton Canyon is a popular spot, and for good reason.

The views start almost immediately, and as you wind your ways up the canyon, you’ll be treated to some of the best vistas in Sedona. The trail is excellent for hiking and trail running, and you will be exposed to Native American history along the way.

Boynton Canyon Trail is a nice out-and-back hike of about six miles.

Be sure to bring plenty of water, as with any hikes in Arizona. It’s best to start early in the summer months, as the canyon can get quite hot later in the day.

The trail is also super busy in the summer, so get there early. Even better, tackle this one mid-week to avoid the crowds.

Fall hiking is pretty darn amazing, with the changing leaves and all, and there are few better places to enjoy it than in Sedona.

But no matter when you go, the Boynton Canyon Trail is the perfect spot to enjoy Sedona’s beautiful red rocks.

Sedona Arts Center

The Sedona Arts Center has been a non-profit organization promoting the arts in Sedona, Arizona, since 1958. The center was initially called “Canyon Kiva” and was renamed Sedona Arts Center in 1961.

The Sedona Arts Center offers various classes and workshops in various mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, and jewelry making.

In addition, the center hosts regular events and exhibitions featuring local artists.

The Sedona Arts Center is also home to a gallery that sells artwork created by center members.

If you’re looking to explore your creative side or learn more about the arts, the Sedona Arts Center is a great place to start.

Art Galleries

Are you looking for a dose of culture in Sedona? In addition to the previously mentioned Sedona Arts Center, the city is home to many other great art galleries.

Whether you’re interested in purchasing a piece of local artwork or want to enjoy some eye-catching displays, Sedona’s galleries are a great experience.

One of the most popular galleries in town is the 20,000-square-foot Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art, which includes everything from contemporary to classical paintings, sculptures, and glass art.

If you’re looking for something different, you might want to check out the Son Silver West Gallery, which features all kinds of cool and unique genres.

In addition, one of the most popular art galleries in Sedona is the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village.

This collection of shops and studios is a great place to find unique gifts and souvenirs. The village also hosts events throughout the year, including live music and demonstrations by local artists.

Sedona is an art lovers’ paradise with many terrific galleries. Be sure to check out one of the many galleries in town.

Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park is a great place to visit if you’re looking for things to do outdoors in Sedona. The park offers a variety of hiking trails, each of which offers dazzling views of the red rocks that the area is known for.

One of the best trails in the park is the moderately challenging Eagles Nest Trail. The trail takes you to some beautiful overlooks, excellent for panorama shots.

The Eagles Nest Trail is a 2.8-mile loop, and you don’t need to be a super athlete to complete it, but it’s a good climb, not for everyone. However, the hike is well worth it for the incredible views. 

Parking can be challenging, especially right next to the visitor center. Try the parking area by the bathrooms after you enter the park. You can thank me later 🙂

The visitors center is chock-full of great information about the area (and some cute gifts).

In addition, Red Rock State Park is home to various wildlife, including mule deer and some reptiles, if you are lucky. There are also plenty of opportunities for birdwatching.

Whether you’re looking to hike or soak up the breathtaking views, Red Rock State Park is worth a visit.

Things to Do Near Sedona, AZ: Take A Day Trip

Day trip to the Grand Canyon from SedonaPin
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A day trip is an excellent option if you have tapped out all the fun things to do in Sedona. The two most popular nearby destinations are Flagstaff and Jerome, both of which offer a variety of fun activities.

Flagstaff is about an hour’s drive from Sedona and is home to the Lowell Observatory, where you can look through telescopes and learn about the night sky.

In addition, Flagstaff is a college town with a lively downtown area and is an excellent place for hiking and mountain biking, with trails of varying difficulty levels.

Jerome is another excellent spot for a day trip, a short 45-minute drive from Sedona. Jerome is a historic copper-mining town transformed into an art community.

There are also numerous National Parks in Arizona, including Montezuma Castle National Monument and Tuzigoot National Monument, within driving distance of Sedona, making it the perfect basecamp for exploring all Arizona offers.

In addition, many folks use Sedona’s location to squeeze in a Grand Canyon day tour.

So if you’re looking for adventure, day trips from Sedona are a great option.

Mountain Biking

Sedona is home to some fantastic mountain biking trails for those looking for a challenge.

With towering red rocks and steep elevation changes, these trails offer an unparalleled riding experience.

Beginner and intermediate riders need not be discouraged – plenty of gentler trails are winding through Sedona’s iconic forests.

Bell Rock Trail is pretty straightforward and is an excellent spot for beginners.

If you are an expert, Hiline and Hangover are great options with their technical features and incredible views.

No matter your skill level, mountain biking in Sedona is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Verde Canyon Railroad

The Verde Canyon Railroad is a must-do for any visitor to Sedona. The scenic train ride takes you through miles of stunning canyon scenery, and there are plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife along the way.

The best time to visit is in the spring when the canyon is alive with color. However, the railroad runs year-round, so there’s always something to see. Be sure to bring your camera, as you want to capture the canyon’s beauty.

The Verde Canyon Railroad is a great way to relax and enjoy Sedona’s natural beauty.


There is no shortage of options for visitors to Sedona looking for a delicious meal.

Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill is a popular choice, offering a variety of Latin-inspired dishes. If wine is your thing, don’t miss out on 600+ bottles in the vault.

Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill adheres to a strict fine dining dress code, so leave the flip-flops and tank tops at home.

Looking for something more casual? The Hudson is another popular restaurant known for its eclectic menu and stunning views of the red rocks.

If you have to choose one place with spectacular views, Hideaway House is a gem. Three open-air patios make it the perfect place to enjoy Sedona’s stunning scenery while you enjoy a great meal. Hideaway House doesn’t look like much from the street, but don’t let that fool you.

The Cowboy Club is a great spot for dinner with an Old West theme. The food is fantastic, as are the views. The Old West is alive and well at The Cowboy Club.

So whether you’re looking for fine dining or a casual meal with a view, Sedona has you covered.

Play Golf

Sedona is a popular destination for golfers. The area’s mild climate and stunning red rock scenery make it an ideal place to tee off.

There are several championship courses in Sedona and numerous public and private courses. So regardless of your skill level, you will find a perfect course.

Seven Canyons is a private club that offers an unforgettable golfing experience. With breathtaking views of the red rocks, this course is worth visiting.

Oakcreek Country Club is an excellent choice for those looking for a public course. This 18-hole public course with amazing views. The Robert Trent Jones design will challenge and delight golfers of all skill levels.

Finally, the Sedona Golf Resort is a public course and a great option for a resort experience. Once again, the Sedona Golf Resort has great views, and each hole provides a unique challenge.

Sedona is a golfer’s paradise, so hit the links while you’re in town. You might be so focused on the views that it might not feel so bad if your game is a little off.

Day Spa

Sedona is known for its beautiful red rock formations and vibrant arts community. However, when you need a break from everything to do in Sedona, hit up one of the local day spas.

You can enjoy treatments such as massages, facials, and body wraps. Most spas also offer a variety of packages that include multiple services.

Sedona’s New Day Spa is the perfect spot to unwind and relax. The serene facility is located in West Sedona. It offers various services, from massages and facials to manicures and pedicures.

NAMTI Spa in Sedona is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. The spa offers treatments, including massages, facials, and acupuncture. The staff is professional and attentive, and the setting is serene.

So, whether you’re looking for romantic things to do in Sedona, or just a chance to relax and rejuvenate, add a visit to a Sedona day spa to your travel plans.

Visit the Sedona Vortex Sites

What the heck is a vortex? Good question. According to visitsedona.com, vortexes are places where the earth is alive with energy. Said energy is conducive to meditation, healing, and self-exploration.

Sedona has four major vortexes: Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, Cathedral Rock, and Airport Mesa.

You can hike to each of these places (and many more) and experience the energy for yourself. Or, if you’re not much of a hiker, plenty of tour companies will take you to the vortex sites.

Some people claim to have had life-changing experiences at the vortexes. Others say they didn’t feel anything special.

Whether or not you believe in the power of the vortexes, Sedona’s vortex sites are definitely worth a visit.


Sedona is a great place to visit if you want something fun and exciting. There are plenty of activities in Sedona to keep you busy, from golfing and hiking to spa treatments and visiting vortex sites.

So, whether you’re a nature lover or enjoy a good spa treatment, Sedona has something for everyone.

Be sure to add a visit to Sedona to your travel plans. You won’t be disappointed.

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