3 Awesome Sea Eagle Kayaks For Your Next Paddling Trip

If you are in the market for a durable, inflatable kayak, Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks are worth a look

Sea Eagle 380X

The Sea Eagle 380X inflatable kayak is designed for leisure paddling, fishing, and some whitewater adventures.

SEa eagle 380x

The SE 380X has a ton of space.  It is designed to hold up to three people or 750 pounds.  There is plenty of legroom for two paddlers and their gear. The 380X is excellent for paddling solo too!

Sea eagle 330

The Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak is perfect for beginners and experienced paddlers. It’s easy to set up, easy to store, and can be used in lakes, rivers, or oceans.

Sea eagle 330

The Sea Eagle 330:  * holds up to 2 people   * weighs just 27 pounds. * It's a great family kayak for parents and grandparents to use.

Sea eagle 370

The Sea Eagle 370 kayak is affordable, durable, and very comfortable. It is excellent for camping trips or your next vacation and easily fits in your trunk, backseat, or RV

Sea eagle 370

The Sea Eagle 370: * Holds up to 3 people * Weighs 32 pounds * Durable and easy to transport

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