Bear Mountain Trail Sedona: Climbing to New Heights 

Bear Mountain Trail

Essential Hike Info

This 5-mile round-tripper is a bit of a beast, boasting a 2,000-foot elevation gain across the initial 2.5 miles. 

Hat. Sunglasses. Sturdy boots and sunblock? Check, check, and check!  

Your Bear Mountain Hike Checklist

Bear Mountain’s Steep Ascent

Getting to the top of Bear Mountain isn’t a walk in the park.  

Bear Mountain’s ascent isn’t just a journey in elevation.

Bear-y Special Flora and Fauna

Breathtaking Views

Bear Mountain isn’t just a pretty face.

Safely Navigating Your Descent

Heading back down Bear Mountain poses its own set of challenges.

Tail from the Trail

The crowds were small when I hiked here on a Saturday in early October.

Post-Hike Chill Spots in Sedona

You’ve conquered and snapped; now, it’s time to refuel.

Bear Mountain is challenging even for avid hikers.

Final Thoughts

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