15 Family Travel Tips: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Don’t Pre-book Everything

It can be super tempting to pre-book all your activities and attractions, thinking it will save you time while on a family vacation.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are the most important thing you can pack when traveling with toddlers. If you’re taking a trip to London or Disney World, Florida, you can buy wet wipes there.

Ensure Your Visas and Passports Are Valid

When traveling outside the country, it’s easy to forget that you must have valid passports and visas for many places abroad.

Take It Slow

The last thing you want to do is arrive home without seeing all the sights you want. But trying to fit too much into a family holiday is a recipe for disaster.

Find Kid-Friendly Restaurants

When you travel with children, choose where to stay by how close to kid-friendly restaurants you are.

Don’t Ask Locals; Ask Ex-pats

It might seem counter-intuitive, but the best people to ask about places to visit and tourist attractions are not the locals but the ex-pats.

Schedule Nights Flights

Most people fall into the trap of looking for the cheapest flight online but paying an extra twenty bucks to fly at the right time will be worth it, trust me.

If you’re going to Hawaii for two weeks this summer, this tip won’t apply to you.

Book One-Way Flights

You arrive in some foreign land, and your phone won’t work and at the airport’s exit is a store selling SIMs and phone cards. It seems so convenient.

Don’t Buy Phone Cards or SIMs at the Airport

Ask to Use the Kitchen

Asking to use the kitchen in a hotel may have never occurred to you before, but if you want to save money on a family meal, cooking it yourself is the way to go.

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