How To Get The Most Out Of Your Kayak Camping Trip

Find the Right Type of Kayak

Each type of kayak has potential benefits and drawbacks for camping.

Plan What to Pack

Kayak camping gives you a chance to refine your ability to pack light for overnight excursions.

Kayaks come in varying sizes and shapes that have an impact upon the weight limit.

Know Your Kayak’s Weight Limit

Load the Boat Evenly

The way that you load your gear onto the kayak affects its stability and steering.

Try a Dry Run

You can avoid discovering that you have no way to load all of your supplies by doing a test run at home.

Get to Know Your Route

If possible, scout out your route ahead of your trip.

Every kayaking trip should begin with you checking out the general conditions for the area .

Check the Conditions

What to Eat and Drink

A kayaking camping guide wouldn’t be complete without a few tips on how to plan for your meals.

Collaborate With others

Going kayak camping is safest when you use the buddy system.

Avoid Bringing Unnecessary Items

You won’t have space for bulky items like firewood and extra bedding.

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