The Best Beach Reads for Summer

“Hula” by Jasmin Iolani Hake

Set in beautiful Hilo, Hawaii, “Hula” is a vivacious coming-of-age story about Hi’i, a young woman born into a revered family on the Big Island

“The Three of Us” by Ore Agbaje-William

Now here is a beach read that promises tea and tension.

Abbas embarks on a quest to retrieve his – and India’s – pride possession. 

“Loot” by Tania Jame

“All-Night Pharmacy” by Ruth Madievsky

“All-Night Pharmacy” is Los Angeles depravity: sex, drugs, and desperate actor types.

“Bad Summer People” by Emma Rosenblum

Everyone on Fire Island has something to hide.

‘’Beautiful Ruins’’ by Jess Walter

In “Beautiful Ruins,” two stories are woven into one.

Over a decade later, “Gone Girl” remains one of the most enthralling thrillers and a book club favorite.  

‘’Gone Girl’’ by Gillian Flynn

‘’Red Island House’’ by Andrea Lee

Shay’s husband, Senna, has built her a beautiful vacation home in the island nation of Madagascar.

‘’The Girls’’ by Emma Cline

Blinded by her fascination with Suzanne and desperation for acceptance.

“The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Gatsby’s sole motivation is to reunite with an old lover, Daisy Buchanan. 

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