Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting Cappadocia, Turkey

Stay In Göreme

Göreme is a charming town that’s the base for tourism in the Cappadocia region.

Göreme Doesn’t Have an Airport

Nevşehir is the closest airport to Göreme.

Desert Botanical Garden

Visitors can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, surfing, fishing, and searching for shells.

Plan for the Weather

June, July, and August are the ideal months for taking a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia.

Almost All Hotels Have Balloon Views

If you’re staying in Göreme, nearly every accommodation offers an area to view the hot air balloons at sunrise.

Prices Are Cheapest in the Winter

October to April is the best time for lower hot air balloon prices.

Stay for a Minimum of Two Nights

Regardless of the time of year you travel, weather-induced hot air balloon cancellations happen in Cappadocia.

Verify Refund Policies

All legitimate tour companies in Cappadocia offer the option to reschedule canceled balloon rides for free.

Schedule Tours Around Your Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air ballooning around Göreme is the focal point for most visitors to Cappadocia.

Sold Out Hot Air Balloon Rides Happen

You might not find availability if you travel to Cappadocia, Turkey, during the summer and want to book your hot air balloon tour in person.

Bartering Is Expected

Bartering feels unnatural to most people traveling from western countries.

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