Where Do You Put Your Stuff When Hammock Camping? (Revealed)

Where do you put your stuff when hammock camping? It’s a common question, and figuring out where to put your gear when camping in a hammock is tricky. Unfortunately, you don’t have the luxury of a tent, an RV, or lots of storage containers. But there are several ways to safely store your gear while you enjoy the freedom of sleeping in a hammock.

Snuggling up with your pack, boots, and other gear is not much fun. So, let’s jump into some ways to keep all your stuff safe and sound while you rest easy in your hammock.

Where Do You Put Your Gear When Hammock Camping?

Consider using an ultralight backpack with dry bags and a rain cover. Another option is to use a gear hammock under or over your hammock setup. You can also store boots and other gear under your hammock on a piece of plastic or Tyvek, but be careful that critters don’t set up shop in your boots. Finally, try hanging your backpack from a tree or at the end of your hammock.

Plastic Bag

Plastic bags come in handy, whether hammock camping, tent camping, etc. They are versatile and can be used to keep gear dry. 

One way to use a plastic bag is to set the bag on the ground under your hammock and set your gear on the bag. A plastic bag will keep your stuff off the ground and from getting wet since it is protected by your hammock above.

One issue with storing items on the ground under your hammock is critters. Watch out for rats and other critters if you keep gear on the ground.

Use the Hammock Ridgeline

A hammock ridgeline is a great place to store camping gear. You can hang your backpack and other items from the ridgeline with carabiners, rope, etc. You can tie the laces on your boots together and hang them over the ridgeline. Like when you see shoes dangling from powerlines.

Some campers also use the ridgeline to hook up a gear hammock, storing smaller items like a flashlight, pocket knife, or other backpacking essentials. A gear hammock is great for keeping items close by that you need easy access.  

Waterproof Backpack or Raincover

Keeping your stuff dry and safe when hammock camping is critical. One way to store your gear is to use a waterproof backpack. An excellent waterproof backpack will keep your gear dry, so if you are camping in wet conditions, it’s a great way to go.

Keeping your gear in dry bags inside your pack is also good for added protection. And finally, for the extra layer of protection, you can also buy a rain cover to put over your pack to help keep moisture and potential critters out.

So, if you have a waterproof backpack or a rain cover for a backpack, you can keep your stuff in the pack and put the pack under your hammock or rainfly if you have one. Sleeping with a backpack sucks, so it’s best to keep it under the hammock. Or you can hang the pack from a tree and use a rain cover for redundancy.

Set up a Gear Hammock

A gear hammock is a great way to store smaller items. Using the hammock ridgeline, you can set up a gear hammock (or ridgeline organizer). Or you can set one up underneath your hammock. Both are great options to keep your stuff secure and dry.

So, if you use a rainfly or keep your gear hammock under your hammock, your stuff should stay dry. Another great thing about a gear hammock is that your supplies are off the ground, away from animals, critters, or other pests.


Many hammock campers use a piece of Tyvek on the ground underneath the hammock as a place to keep their backpack and other gear. The Tyvek will keep ground moisture or runoff from soaking into your pack or other gear.

Attach Your Pack to the End of the Hammock

What do you do with your pack while sleeping in your hammock? Some people attach their packs to the straps that suspend the hammock. This will keep the pack off the ground and exposed to moisture and critters. Some folks say this can through off the lay of the hammock.

You might have to play around with the positioning. Try the head and foot ends of the hammock. If you are using a rainfly, attaching your pack to the hammock also gives you the advantage of being covered.

Use a Tree Hanger

A tree hanger is an excellent solution if you want a reliable way to keep your pack off the ground. Mind you, if the conditions are wet, put a rain cover on the pack, or wrap it up in a garbage bag. You can make a tree hanger or buy one. A tree hanger is a fantastic way to keep your stuff off the ground when hammock camping.

Get a Bigger Rainfly

If all else fails, you may need a bigger rainfly. A larger rain fly will increase your coverage, giving you more space to stow your gear. Depending on your model hammock, you can upgrade the rain fly. Otherwise, you can pack a tarp with you. Of course, a tarp will add extra weight and bulk, so keep that in mind, but it might be worth it.

Wrapping Up

Hammock camping is a great way to spend time outdoors, but it’s essential to be prepared. There are plenty of options for storing gear when hammock camping. It’s a good idea to keep things off the ground and critters out, and you need to keep your stuff dry. The right solution might require creativity, but we’ve shared some ideas to get you started.

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